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Hoop earrings: 50 proofs that this is the most versatile accessory in fashion

Hard to say when the hoop earring became a trend. The accessory, which has been part of the women’s collection for many years, was already a highlight among the hippest girls of the 1970s. From 1980 onwards, the piece gained new sizes, formats and styles, and entered the following decade as a real fashion fever.

Even after so many years, hoop earrings are still considered the most darling accessories among girls of all ages. They can be easily found in jewelry stores to major jewelry stores, and are a classic choice for any occasion: from a walk on the beach, to events that require a more elaborate dresscode. Need proof? Just check out the list below:

1. There is no more versatile and timeless accessory than a hoop earring

2. And you can still vary your collection with different sizes and rims

3. You can match the piece with everything, from a beachy look

4. Even in a more sophisticated composition

5. With the wider hoop, the earring will be more prominent

6. But for those looking for something more discreet, opt for the thinner model

7. The half moon ring is also a great choice

8. Many earrings are full of details

9. You will find rings in the most diverse shapes and colors

10. Here, the gold of the piece matches the gold of the hair

11. Made with stones and trinkets

12. Even its simplest version

13. Ah! It also has heart shaped rings.

14. The pieces harmonize with the most diverse looks

15. You can even combine other accessories with your hoop

16. Like a choker

17. Other earrings and piercings

18. And even magnificent glasses

19. Silver rings have been successful for many decades

20. And they can be found in different textures

21. And the version with pebbles? Look what an amazing effect between the hairs

22. You can even make a bun to make the pair even more in evidence

23. Or perfect your makeup for a baphonic composition

24. With braids or loose hair, the ring will always be welcome

25. When you want to show it off, just tuck your hair behind your ear

26. Some models are simple, but still amazing

27. This one with sparkles lined up is passionate

28. Although classic pieces are even more versatile

29. And quite delicate

30. That themed look gets a special touch with the hoop earring

31. How about this version made with several polka dots?

32. Leave a few strands of hair loose to look more relaxed

33. A ring inside another: a very modern look

34. Combine the silver hoop with a tiny second earring

35. The wide half-moon rim is super chic, don’t you think?

36. For those looking for something different, there is the drop-shaped version

37. The golden hoop perfectly matched the flowy dress

38. Rings match all seasons

39. Look how great she looks with other ear piercings

40. The serenity in the eyes of those who know they look beautiful with big rings

41. For a total black look: wear hoops

42. And with a beret and braids? Use rings too

43. Matching the necklace mix? You can bet there’s no mistake

44. Just a ring and a ponytail to make the look chic

45. Or add multiple ear hoops for a more casual look

46. ​​You can still do it differently: put the larger ring in the second hole, and the smaller one in the main hole

47. Big rings are awesome

48. The earring gave even more prominence to the whole look

49. Here, the rings gave a more romantic look to the composition

50. Sometimes, just a nice pair of earrings is enough to give a special touch to the look

Do you already know what your favorite model is? The hoop earring is an amazing piece that matches the most diverse styles. If you need a little help with your hoop size, check out this complete guide to getting the most out of the accessory.

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