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Honey bread: 29 recipes that will conquer your taste

If there’s one thing with a childhood taste that stays tasty for the rest of your life, it’s honey bread.

It doesn’t matter if these days it’s less glamorous than the well-married, for many people, nothing replaces fluffy dough flavored with spices and brown sugar covered in a layer of chocolate.

Although for many people talking about honey bread refers to exactly this: a dough of spices covered with milk chocolate, at most with a layer of dulce de leche in the filling, nowadays the recipe has gained several variations, such as brigadeiro filling, white chocolate frosting and even an Easter egg version! Check out some of these recipes below!

Traditional gingerbread recipes

1. Original Honey Bread: this is the classic recipe, that is, just the dough covered with chocolate. Among the spices used are nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and a special touch of orange zest. In addition to the ease of not needing to fill, another advantage of this recipe is that it is available both in written and video versions.

2. Honey bread with dulce de leche filling: even though it’s not the original version, this is possibly the most famous version of honey bread. In addition to the dulce de leche filling, other differentials of this recipe are the milk infused with spices to give it more flavor, and the fact that the honey bread is finished on a toothpick, which gives it a very special charm.

3. Gluten-free and lactose-free gingerbread: with a written and video version, this recipe is a relief for those who are allergic to gluten or lactose and thought they would never be able to eat gingerbread again. In it, wheat flour is replaced by potato starch, chickpea flour and almond flour, while hot water takes the place of milk.

4. Wholemeal honey bread: also without milk in the dough, this recipe is more nutritious because it uses wholemeal flour instead of traditional wheat flour. In addition to nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, it also has a touch of powdered ginger, which adds an extra layer of flavor. Another cool thing about the recipe is that it proposes a simplified finish, with the chocolate only in the frosting.

5. Vegan Honey Bread: For those who are vegan or are uncomfortable with the pungent flavor of spices, this is the ideal recipe. That’s because it dispenses with the use of cloves, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, using only corn glucose instead of honey to flavor the dough. Another difference is that, while the other recipes are made in a blender, this one can be blended by hand.

6. Sugarcane molasses bread: whether for you or to sell, this recipe is cool because it’s vegan and very similar to the original. The molasses, of course, goes in place of the honey. But the recipe is also different in that it uses peanut milk instead of conventional milk.

7. Truffle Honey Bread: Are you a perfectionist or do you make sweets for weddings? In that case, you need this recipe here, which proposes a perfect finish for the honey bread with the help of candy molds. Although it sounds laborious, it’s not a time-consuming recipe, as you can take advantage of the time the dough is in the oven to make and freeze the chocolate cones in the molds. Then, just fill with the two layers of dough and with the dulce de leche, cover again with the chocolate and it’s ready.

8. Insufflated Honey Bread: another recipe that uses candy or honey bread molds for a more perfect finish, this one has the special fact of incorporating honey into the dough only at the end of the recipe and in a very soft way, as if was a snow white. The result is that, thus, the honey does not emulsify the other ingredients and the dough loses its “pulling” characteristic.

Different gingerbread recipes

9. Frying pan honey bread: by now you may have noticed that all the recipes have a similar preparation. Not the case with this one! After mixing all the ingredients with the help of a fouet, pour the contents into a skillet greased with oil, cover and leave on low heat until the dough is firm. When this happens, turn the other side and that’s it, just put the chocolate syrup.

10. Honey bread with dulce de leche and plum: don’t be scared by this recipe that uses mayonnaise – that’s right, mayonnaise – in the preparation. It is she who will give the dough softness and creaminess. The stuffing is one of those ideas that make us question why we didn’t think of it before. After all, dulce de leche and plum is another one of those combinations written in the stars.

11. Honey bread on the platter: are you out of ideas for dessert for Sunday’s family lunch? How about a honey bread served on the platter? In addition to being quite quick and practical, this recipe is also nice because no one is embarrassed to take a little more. And believe me, it will make you want to do it again!

12. Honey bread in the pot: mounted in a glass jar, like those made with jam, this idea perfectly suits those who want to sell honey bread with a more refined presentation, as well as those who want to serve an elegant dessert at a special dinner. The recipe for the dough is very traditional, the difference is in the topping, which is made of ganache.

13. Gingerbread in a mug: while most gingerbread recipes yield generous amounts, this one is for those times when you just want to kill the urge to eat the sweet. After infusing the milk with the cloves, all you have to do is whisk all the ingredients into the mug and microwave it for three minutes. With the dough ready, open a hole in the center to fill with dulce de leche. After that, just cover it with chocolate and enjoy this delight.

14. Honey bread in the lunch box: if the goal is to make money selling honey bread, few recipes will be as practical as this one. That’s because, after mixing the dough in the blender, you will only have the work to put a small amount of it in 9 cm lunch boxes, put the dulce de leche, make another layer with the dough and take the lunch boxes to the oven. Wait 40 minutes for it to be ready. While the dough is cooling, prepare the ganache topping. Place over the cakes and close the lunchboxes.

15. Unicorn Honey Bread: the unicorn fashion came to honey bread with this recipe that, in addition to spices, milk, flour and honey, also uses condensed milk – instead of brown sugar. The biggest difference in this recipe, however, is in the finishing, with royal icing or white chocolate ganache. Made in four different colors, it is this cover that must be molded, with the help of the pastry tip, in order to form the mane, horn, ears and other parts of the unicorn’s head.

16. Mickey Mouse Gingerbread: another excellent option to decorate or serve as a souvenir for parties, this Gingerbread needs to be shaped just right to work. The good news is that, despite the use of a gingerbread mold, the chocolate coating, the dough discs and the filling are all placed at once, without the need to make a chocolate shell first and freeze it just then assemble the honey bread. With them well rounded, what will give the Mickey shape is the work done in royal icing.

17. Cut Honey Bread: There’s not much of a secret. Using a traditional gingerbread recipe as a base, all you need to do differently is bake the dough in a trough or loaf pan. Bake for 40 minutes or until a toothpick or fork comes out dry. Prepare the ganache and cover the cake with it when the dough is cool.

Honey bread recipes

18. Easter egg stuffed with gingerbread: since the chocolate shell is one of the main characteristics of gingerbread, why not assemble it like an Easter egg? After tempering the chocolate, placing it in the mold and waiting for it to dry, assemble the honey bread with the baked dough and the filling, which can be the traditional dulce de leche or something more daring, like an apricot paste.

19. Honey bread brigadeiro: despite the name, the brigadeiro in this recipe is completely different, based only on dulce de leche and chopped chocolate. Heat over low heat, stirring constantly, taking the opportunity to add the spices of your choice and a little honey. In a skillet, you should also toast slices of chocolate cake. It can even be a ready-made cake. Then, just assemble it in a bowl, alternating brigadeiro, dulce de leche and toasted dough.

20. Honey bread cake: do you know someone who loves gingerbread? Surprise that person not with a small unit, but with a full-flavored cake. The recipe is super practical. While the dough is in the oven for 40 minutes, prepare the ganache that will serve as a topping and the dulce de leche, which can be made with pressure-cooked condensed milk./p>

21. Honey bread candy: another cool option to sell for more exquisite parties and weddings, the honey bread candy takes a little more work, but it pays off in the look. In addition to making and baking the dough, it is necessary to temper the chocolate and, with it, prepare the cones in the acetate molds, letting it freeze for at least 15 minutes before starting the assembly. The dulce de leche filling is boiled condensed milk.

22. Gingerbread hot chocolate: since the secret of the gingerbread flavor is in the spices, this recipe innovates by using them in a drink that, on top of that, is quite quick and practical. After whipping the whipped cream with dulce de leche, bring the milk to a low heat with brown sugar, cinnamon stick, cloves, honey and nutmeg until the mixture comes to a boil. Remove spices, add chocolate and cornstarch, cooking until thickened.

23. Honey bread roll: another option to serve honey bread in a hearty way. The roulade is nice because it ends up making no bite come without filling. To improve, this recipe is still made with ready-made honey bread dough, that is, you just need to add eggs, milk and butter to it.

24. Gingerbread waffles: for breakfast or afternoon tea, this gingerbread recipe is a hit. The ingredients are practically the same as in traditional gingerbread recipes, the difference is that you will also add egg whites to them, which will leave the dough aerated. Oh, and another important difference: the entire recipe is ready in half an hour.

25. Gingerbread Ice Cream: This is one of the easiest gingerbread recipes. That’s because, in addition to Neapolitan ice cream, she also takes ready-made honey bread, one of those tougher ones bought at the market. With these ingredients and the ganache topping, all you have to do is assemble it, alternating ice cream and gingerbread. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours and the recipe is ready to serve.

26. Honey bread volcano mini cake: excellent option to serve at parties, this recipe is less laborious because it does not need the chocolate coating, making up for it with the abundance of dulce de leche. The secret lies in using mini silicone molds with holes in the middle that, in addition to leaving space for the dulce de leche, make the oven time drop from 40 to 15 minutes thanks to its reduced size.

27. Gingerbread cone: for those who thought there was no way that gingerbread had more of a childhood look, this recipe…

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