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He’s younger than me, now what?

If we could choose the people we fall in love with, they would always be perfect for us – and life would be pretty boring. The cool thing about love is that it doesn’t distinguish race, religion, geographic location, gender or even age to shoot its arrows.

Even so, it can sometimes be difficult to overcome prejudice and surrender to the love of a younger man. If you are experiencing this situation or know a friend who is, we interviewed a reader with experience in the subject to clear all her doubts.

Tayara, 24, is married to Jefferson, 22. The two have been together for two years and she shared a little bit about what it’s like to be in a relationship with a younger man.

When they started dating, were any of the families against it because of their age?

“No, on the contrary. I was the one who thought many times before embarking on the relationship, out of sheer prejudice. As I have always heard that men mature later than women, I was afraid that this would become a problem in the future,” she says.

“I had a hard time accepting the age difference, but it was silly of me, since Jefferson never saw any problem with that”.

Why did you decide to go ahead anyway?

“I realized he was different. Very playful, but also very responsible when needed. It won me over and I saw that my motive made no sense, in his case,” he explains.

And when they decided to get married, did the age difference matter?

“No. This is a factor that you take into account before, when thinking about taking on a relationship. Then, as time passes and people get to know each other, you can tell if age is a problem or not. For us, marriage was a consequence of the cool relationship we’ve had since the beginning, so there was no reason to think about age again.”

What would your advice be to women who are interested in men younger than they are?

”I believe that the important thing, as in any other relationship, is to know the man in question very well. I had met my fiancé before, because we were in the same group of friends, so I kind of knew what he was like on a daily basis. It’s no use getting involved without knowing the guy, because the case is that he can be one of those men who mature later, even “.

So you think it’s worth investing in a relationship like this?

“It’s worth it if the feelings are mutual. It is necessary that the couple is tuned in that sense, because then everything else is just a consequence. Age and other differences don’t matter when love is strong and safe.”

With so much confidence from our reader in her relationship with a younger guy, what are you waiting for to put prejudice aside? Gone are the days when only women could or were only encouraged to engage with older partners. Today this is past and there is no reason to be prejudiced about the age of the partner.

Evaluate your personality and that of the cat as in any other relationship, without worrying about age and, if you think it can work, dive in. Younger or older: what matters is the love and relationship of the two of you.

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