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Hair cauterization: a guide to recover the shine and health of wires

Hair cauterization is a very common procedure in beauty salons, but it still causes many doubts: after all, what does the treatment consist of, what are its benefits and when is it recommended to do it? To answer all these questions, we invited the hairdresser Joyce Rodrigues, who will bring very important tips on the subject.

So, if you want to return the shine and health of your wires, follow the next topics and find out if this procedure is for you. Also, check out videos and product tips to do the treatment in the comfort of your home!

what is cauterization

Capillary cauterization is a reconstruction of the hair cuticles which, according to hairdresser Joyce Rodrigues, is done through the replacement of keratin – a protein that will hold the strands and fill them. According to the specialist, the sealing of keratin in the hair is done by means of heat sources, such as a flat iron. However, she informs that there are already processes with nanomolecules that do not require higher temperatures for sealing and that, therefore, are more effective.

What is cauterization used for?

Hair cauterization is used to repair hair exposed to external aggressions, such as chlorine, chemical procedures and even sunlight. These are examples of damage that causes hair to break. Therefore, the treatment is recommended for situations where the wires lack keratin, such as when they are brittle, with split ends and rough. Thus, the result is shinier hair and less frizz, the main benefit being the recovery of the health of the wires.

The procedure has no straightening function, explains professional Joyce. She comments: “By reducing frizz, it may even look more straightened, but its real function is to hold the hair so it doesn’t break”. Also, be aware: if your hair has gone through a lot of chemicals and has sensitivity or flaking, it’s best to avoid cauterization.

How to do hair cauterization step by step

If you were curious and want to know how hair cauterization is done, follow this topic with the best videos teaching the procedure step by step:

The best homemade hair cauterization with hydration

In this video, Julia Doorman explains in detail how to do the process at home, in a simple and cheap way, in addition to answering several questions. In short, it shows the standard process for cauterization, with the bonus of a hydration before applying the keratin. Check out!

A special step-by-step for colored highlights

If you have colored hair, check out this video by Carol Kyoko! Here she teaches a process that works very well for her hair, which has been discolored due to the dye. In addition, she will give you extra tips for unboxing that you can’t miss!

Learn how to do cauterization in just 1 minute!

For those who are practical and like speed, this video is perfect. Manu teaches you how to do the procedure at home, in just 10 steps and 1 minute. Here she used a complete kit for the treatment and shows everything in the video. Now there’s no excuse not to do it!

Watching these videos makes you want to run and buy the products to make at home, right? So don’t miss the next section! We separate the best kits for you to buy and do the procedure yourself or take to the salon.

Hair cauterization products

To start treatment, it is necessary to have the right items, right? But don’t forget: if you’re going to do it at home, be careful, because “cauterization is a practically surgical process” – jokes hairdresser Joyce. Anyway, below you can see our special selection for purchase:

  1. Deep nutrition kit with pro-vitamin B5 for capillary cauterization – Therapy M.Pantenol Mutari, at Americanas
  2. Restore cauterization without formaldehyde – Forever Liss, at Americanas
  3. Cauterization Kit – Madamelis, at Essência Brasileira
  4. Bio Cauterization Kit 4 steps – PerfectLiss Visat Control, at Dot Cosméticos
  5. 1kg hydration kit, cauterization, fluid and the secret – Trivitt, no Submarino
  6. Capillary reconstruction and cauterization kit – Hábito Cosméticos, at Americanas
  7. Professional smooth effect cauterization kit, at Americanas

Ready! Everything is ready to rock and have more shine, less frizz and healthier wires. However, remember: the procedure should not be done too often. That’s because with too much keratin, hair can stiffen and break instead of showing the expected results.

And for those who like to keep their locks hydrated in days, see also capillary schedule.

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