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Gypsy dress: 50 reasons for you to invest in this versatile piece

Famous for its off-the-shoulder neckline, the gypsy dress is an option that can be worn at different times. Whether at the beach, in the city, at work or at parties, this democratic dress is the perfect choice for those who want a different look and full of charm.

Play in the charms of this piece and be inspired by dozens of models for all types of bodies and styles.

short gypsy dress

Perfect for warmer days and everyday looks, the short gypsy dress deserves a special place in your closet. Check out some beautiful models:

1. The short gypsy dress is the face of summer

2. Loose and very light, it’s a comfortable piece

3. You can use it for a Sunday outing.

4. For parties during the day

5. Or to enjoy the holidays

6. The piece can be chess

7. Monochromatic

8. Stamping

9. Or dust

10. Whatever your choice

11. The short gypsy dress will make your look a blast

12. Full of attitude

13. And unique!

14. Choose your favorite model

15. And play with this trend!

Did you see how the short gypsy dress can be the salvation for the days when you don’t know what to wear? In addition to being comfortable and light, the piece also exudes charm.

midi gypsy dress

Sophisticated, but without losing its lightness, the midi gypsy dress is a great option for events, dinners and also for work. Here are some of the part options:

16. Full of attitude and charm

17. The midi gypsy dress exudes sophistication

18. Can be used at parties

19. On tours

20. In everyday life

21. Or at important events

22. You don’t need a lot to look amazing!

23. The plus size gypsy dress also exudes beauty

24. The midi model deserves a prominent place among its pieces

25. Can be used with sandals

26. Or even with sneakers

27. The important thing is to feel comfortable

28. And beautiful!

One model more passionate than the other, isn’t it? Don’t be afraid to bet on this piece that has gained more and more prominence in the fashion world.

long gypsy dress

The long gypsy dress is another incredible option for a versatile and timeless piece. In addition, the model can be combined with accessories, sandals, sneakers and promises to please the most varied styles. Check out:

29. Classy, ​​this blue dress draws sighs wherever it goes

30. Choose accessories that are just like you to match the piece

31. The long gypsy dress can be smooth

32. Print

33. And also with stripes

34. In addition, it can be used in the most diverse occasions

35. Be in relaxed moments of everyday life

36. Or also in moments that ask for more sophistication

37. As at work events and parties

The long gypsy dress matches different bodies, styles and occasions. Choose the model that best suits you and don’t be afraid to dare!

Gypsy dress for party

How about innovating in options and getting out of the ordinary? Betting on a gypsy dress for the party is the certainty of a unique and stylish look. Look how many amazing options:

38. Guaranteed a killer look!

39. With the gypsy dress, even a little black dress becomes a luxury item

40. The flared sleeve adds even more charm to the piece

41. The gypsy dress for a party can be simple

42. Or sophisticated, as in this beautiful option full of fringes

43. There are loose options

44. More fair and dusty

45. And also the embroidered models, which are very beautiful

46. ​​How about adding the gypsy dress to your wardrobe?

47. From casual events

48. Even weddings

49. He will be the perfect choice

Did you like the inspirations? With the gypsy dress you don’t need much to compose a stylish look. Also check out some beautiful models of printed dress perfect for summer!

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