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Gypsy Deck – Card Meaning 5- The Tree – Blog

The letter The Gypsy Deck Tree it means progress, fertility and vitality. Indicates structured growth, luck, emotional and financial abundance. Positive rooting, strength, health and down to earth. This is a positive gypsy card and it can also signify future projects or long-term plans. It is necessary to plant good seeds to reap good fruits.

The Tree card reminds us that with solid roots, growth is just a matter of time. It also refers to spirituality. In love, the card The Tree means harvest. Everything that was sown in relation to feelings and relationships will now be reaped. This can be negative or positive, depending on the neighboring cards and, of course, what was previously planted.

When the card The Tree of the Gypsy Deck appears far from the one that indicates you, it is a sign of good health. When it appears close, it means luck and progress.

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