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Guide for traveling with children: plan the trip without the headache

Traveling with children is a delight! But planning makes all the difference to have a smooth ride full of good memories. Before setting foot on the road or checking in, be aware of the documents and rules for each trip and learn how to distract the little ones so that the journey goes smoothly.

prepare the documentation

for the transfer

To travel within Brazil, a travel authorization is not required, but the child must be accompanied by one of the parents, one of those responsible or a family member up to the third degree (grandparents, for example) and carry documents that prove the kinship. For international tours, minors in the company of only one parent or guardian must present a travel authorization with a notarized signature.

For more information, visit the official website of the Court of Justice.

for hosting

The same goes for any type of accommodation: express parental authorization is required in a public or private document, also with a notarized signature.

On the official website of the Court of Justice, you will find the authorization model.



Start with safety: in addition to checking the vehicle, check the seat belts and child seats.

Children do not have an accurate sense of time or the need to wait in the car to get somewhere. So plan stops during the trip – one every two hours, for example. So, during the break, the little ones can walk a little, use the bathroom and freshen up.

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To entertain during travel time, be equipped with toys and games. Separate some of the children’s favorite objects and give them one at a time, so they don’t get bored all at once. Also, fill your cell phone or tablet with cartoons and movies. On the radio, alternate a parent’s favorite CD with the children’s selection of songs.

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Check out some play ideas.


Hand baggage

Before boarding, check if the company offers a special menu for babies and book it. If not, it is possible to take empty baby bottles and powdered milk – mineral water is offered on board and completes the preparation. Ready-made baby bottles can be retained when boarding, as it is forbidden to transport bottles containing more than 100 ml of liquid in hand luggage. Industrialized baby food, as long as it is sealed, usually passes inspection – but it is always worth considering unforeseen circumstances!

During flight

On long flights, schedule a change of clothes every four to six hours. Since it is not possible to determine the stops, the same tips for the land transfer are valid to ensure fun: toys and games. Also, if possible, walk the kids down the aisle and bring interactive items like coloring books. Opting for night flights is also interesting, as the little ones will sleep more easily.

See the care that airlines offer mothers and their babies.


The bus route can’t be reset either, so in addition to planning the kids’ hobbies, rationalize snacks and fluid consumption – not all vehicles offer a friendly restroom. If your child is easily nauseous, talk to your pediatrician to determine the best course of treatment.

In the hotel

When booking, ask if they accept children – it seems strange, but not all establishments have the gang as a target audience. Take the opportunity and find out about cribs or special beds, how the room service works (to heat baby bottles, for example) and if they have a baby bathtub.

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Check out how to put together the perfect suitcase for your kids.

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