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Ground beef pie: 10 recipes for this afternoon snack classic

With that taste that leaves anyone salivating, ground beef pie is a versatile dish that can be served both as a snack and as a meal. Learn how to prepare creamy versions, with vegetables and super-practical pasta to add this easy-to-prepare and delicious dish to your menu!

1. Simple ground beef pie

Made in a blender, the dough for this pie is fluffy and soft – ideal for those who like to prioritize lightness! Prepare a generous layer of well-seasoned ground beef filling and bake. Thus, your afternoon coffee will be sensational.

2. Ground beef pie with cream

Incredibly creamy, this pie is mouthwatering just looking at it! With a filling made with onions, peppers, corn, tomato sauce and sour cream, the result is a very moist and well-seasoned savory dish, full of flavors that bring a special touch to the dish.

3. Ground beef pie with tomato sauce

A practical and simple way to season and prepare ground beef is to use tomato sauce: in addition to bringing succulence and color, the ingredient provides an even more pronounced flavor to the dish. The tip is to bake the pie with grated cheese on top, to brown and make everything even better!

4. Ground beef pie with bacon

Anyone who can’t resist the smoky taste of bacon needs to try this recipe! In addition to this ingredient, the pie filling still has onions, peppers, eggs, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin and peas – perfect for those who believe that the more colorful, the better.

5. Ground beef pie with olives

A classic of the best bakeries, the ground beef filling with olives has the perfect combination to please the most diverse palates. The secret to a perfect and creamy pie is to add a little milk to the meat preparation!

6. Ground beef pie with tomato

Invite friends and family for an afternoon coffee and serve this delicious pie that will leave everyone salivating! With a fluffy dough made in the blender and a well seasoned filling, with onion, garlic, black pepper, paprika, tomato, corn and olives, it’s impossible to resist.

7. Ground beef pie with corn and peas

Bring flavor, textures and make your pie super colorful and appetizing by adding vegetables to the filling preparation. The indication of the recipe is to use corn, peas, onions and tomatoes, but you can get creative and enjoy the ingredients in your pantry.

8. Minced meat pie with carrots

If, for you, a good pie is one with a lot more filling than dough, this recipe is ideal. Learn how to prepare the perfect amount of ground beef with carrots, olives, tomatoes, cottage cheese and mozzarella to make your pie delicious and filling!

9. Spicy minced meat pie

Spicy lovers can also taste a ground beef pie with that irresistible taste that only pepper can provide. Learn how to season the stuffing with pepper and black pepper and, to balance, add a little catupiry and learn the secret of a light dough!

10. Creamy ground beef pie

Versatile and delicious, this recipe can be served either as an afternoon snack or as a main course of a meal. Best of all, the dough is made in a blender – with lots of milk, cottage cheese, mozzarella and Parmesan to make everything super creamy!

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect mince pie, be sure to check out these ice cream pie recipes to serve up the perfect dessert!

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