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Grandma creates unique accessories and furniture for her Barbie family

Barbie is certainly the most famous doll in the world, and has been winning the hearts of generations of girls since its launch in 1959. With the slogan “you can be anything you want”, Barbie has demonstrated a great ability to adapt to the changes in society and has made it clear that it is more than just a doll. She has, for example, teacher, astronaut, doctor and even celebrity versions of the moment.

Like many girls and women, Tonya Ruiz, an American grandmother and blogger, found Barbie a source of inspiration for the works she shares on social media, more specifically on the Instagram profile Grandma Gets Real.

In this post, the awesome.club brings some of the best creations that Tonya has developed for her collection of Barbies, in addition to telling a little about the artist’s history. And just in case you’re interested, we recommend Tonya’s social networks, where you can check out all the fantastic miniature creations developed for the wonderful world of Barbie.

Like grandma, like Barbie

Tonya Ruiz went viral for putting together styles and creating homemade scenarios for her collection of Barbie dolls, sharing everything on her social networks and on a website. She has very varied collections, ranging from the most realistic versions to the glamorous classic that characterizes the Mattel doll.

Before creating Grandma Gets Real, Tonya was, in the 1980s, a renowned model. She says on her website that her relationship with Barbie comes from childhood. However, upon retiring from the fashion industry, she ended up moving away from the doll as well. Then, over the years, Tonya and her granddaughters paid a visit to the attic and found several Barbies stored, one of which looked a lot like Tonya: a Barbie granny.

That’s how Tonya was reunited with Barbie and had the idea of ​​creating small versions of each member of her family, along the lines of the one similar to herself. Taking into account the variety of sizes, skin colors and physical types currently displayed by both Barbie and Ken, she created a private universe with her entire family in doll versions.

The idea is to bring Barbie closer to real life. To do so, she searches for accessories and other miniature objects, always in Barbie’s famous 1/6 scale, in addition to producing furniture and scenery by hand, using them for beautiful photo sessions. Today, her Barbie family is complete, always parading different looks, activities and tutorials posted online.

The Fabulous Life of the Barbie Family

Tonya created an amazing universe in 1/6 scale. Thanks to him, her family her Barbie can be placed in many trivial situations, like a trip to the cinema, for example.

However, family life is not just about that. On hot summer days, there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in the pool.

Exercise is important for health, but what’s better than going for a walk with your Barbie dolls, just like Grandma Barbie did?

For many people, a good cup of coffee is essential to start the day. Let Grandpa Ken say:

Grandma Barbie also goes to the supermarket and stores her groceries in the kitchen. Here, Tonya shows us some of the miniatures she collects:

We all know that Barbie has many professions, among them being a veterinarian. However, a true cat lover is more or less like this when he’s at home, isn’t it?

Tonya continues to expand her little Barbie universe with the collections she shows on her social media. We suggest that you follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for the chance to learn more about this very creative work. And if you’re also excited to create your own thumbnails, you can check out the tutorials available on the pages. What did you think of the pieces developed by Grandma Gets Real? Comment!

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