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Good Morning With Jesus – Phrases for Whats

Good morning with Jesus so that he guarantees us all the blessing and protection we need to go on in the best way. Check out beautiful options to express your faith!

Inspiring happiness for this new day

Good Morning! Happy, smiling, enjoying life, embracing the blessings Jesus brought to me. 🥰

I thank you for the blessing of each new

Gratitude to Jesus for everything he has done in my life, including everything he has delivered me. Good Morning! 🙌

An enlightened and faith-filled day begins

Jesus is the light that lights up all your paths each day, including the most difficult ones. Gratitude! 🌞

Good Morning! Every morning that begins, Jesus looks at his children and smiles, blessing each one… so when you wake up, give thanks! For the greatest of guardians is taking care of every detail!

I trust you to guide my steps

For today, I ask only that the will of Jesus be done. 🙌

I surrender to the Lord every moment of today

Let Jesus work in your day, alone we do nothing. 🍃

Joy is in the details of a sunrise with Jesus

The happiness of knowing that my life is ruled by Jesus, with him I can do everything, he strengthens me. Good Morning! 🙏

In your presence, I feel more alive

When the day dawns and Jesus arrives, everything gets better. 🥰

With love, peace and faith, every day gets better

May we never forget that the love of Jesus is the center of each day. ❤

Ready for another day full of blessings

There’s nothing better than waking up, having renewed faith and the certainty that His plans are coming true. 🌞

Jesus’ plans are bigger than mine

I don’t know how He’s going to do it, but I know that this day has everything to be perfect, Good morning! 🙏

In the peace of the Lord, everything goes for the best

May we have a light, enlightened and blessed day, with a grateful heart and Jesus in every step. 🙌

In every step, there is the presence of the Lord

The time is His, the promise is His and the plans are His. Good Morning! 🥰

Gratitude to Jesus for every moment of life

There’s nothing better than waking up, looking at the sky, smiling and seeing so many reasons to be grateful. ☀

Focus, motivation and a lot of faith for today

When you have no more strength, remember that it comes from above. Good Morning! 💪

In everything, there is a purpose of Jesus

It’s not about understanding, it’s about trusting. Good Morning! 🙌

For today, much faith and blessings, amen!

Welcome new day, may the will of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be done. 🙏

He proved his love on the cross

Jesus died for us, it’s time to recognize his power in our lives. Good Morning! 🥰

Focusing on what really matters

My goal is happiness, my armor is faith and my shield is Jesus. Good Morning! ☀

A thank you for everything Jesus does for me

Good Morning! I could complain because I still don’t have everything I want, but I prefer to thank you for everything I’ve been given. 🙌

Waking up in the certainty that faith or blessings are never lacking

The world destroys you, but Jesus will always be there to lift you up. Let’s go for another day! 🍃

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