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Goddess Maat: Unravel the Mysteries of the Lady of Order

The Goddess Maat is one of the most important and powerful deities in Egyptian mythology, as she was responsible for nothing less than universal harmony. Therefore, she assumed the role of goddess of order, justice, balance and truth.

Charged with maintaining cosmic and social order, Maat was the daughter of Ra, the sun god, and wife of Thoth, god of wisdom and writing. According to Egyptian mythology, the goddess represented an immutable force that governed earthly laws and, in case of misconduct, she sent the fury of nature as punishment.

Here, you can find all about the history of the Goddess Maat, the lady regent of natural phenomena as an arm of justice.

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Who is the Goddess Maat (or Ma’at)?

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The Egyptian goddess Maat is more than a sacred deity in Ancient Egyptian mythology, she is also considered a philosophical concept. This is because it is thanks to her that there is harmony in the universe, that justice prevails on Earth and that the world follows its course in perfect balance.

Some scholars see Maat as the mother, daughter and wife of Ra, others claim that the goddess is the mother of Ra and wife of Thoth. Whatever line is defended, it is always placed in a position of influence over the Sun god. Already from Toth, she adopted his immense wisdom.

Its symbology is so strong that its devotees believe that a life should be lived according to Maat’s precepts of truth, which were part of Egyptian society. In order to avoid chaos, the Goddess Maat was responsible for maintaining order and peace on Earth.

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By the way, in Ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were called “Lords of Maat”, because they spoke with their mouth what Maat said in their hearts. It is no wonder that current Egyptian law is based on Maat’s principles of harmony, order and justice.

In charge of ensuring social organization, Maat represents the goddess of order, justice and universal harmony.

goddess of order

The Goddess Maat is the supreme deity of the order that pervades all conceptions of existence. Therefore, it symbolizes the guidelines that govern Egyptian society so that peace prevails and that all social institutions function perfectly.

For this to happen, it was believed that kings and pharaohs were the representatives of the goddess on Earth. In this way, they followed the laws of Maat and, if they broke them, they would be punished by it through natural disasters. Therefore, it was common to say that order was being re-established when storms ravaged Ancient Egypt.

It was not by chance that the behavior of citizens at that time was guided by the set of moral and ethical rules imposed by the goddess of order. For, in addition to preventing chaos, the Goddess Maat was also responsible for the fate of people who died.

Justice God

One of Maat’s most important roles was in judging the souls of dead people to enter the underworld. For this to happen, it was necessary to verify that the deceased was “Maat Kheru” (Egyptian expression that means “true of the word”).

In a trial in which it was analyzed whether he had avoided the 42 confessions, which consist of a list of rules that must be followed, as well as, “I did not lie, I did not steal, I did not kill”.

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Then the person passed into a room where his character was weighed in a balance in the judgment of Osiris. In it, the heart was placed on one side of the swing, on the other, the Goddess Maat placed her ostrich feather (which she carries on her head).

If the heart weighed less than the feather, one could enjoy eternal life in the underworld. If the feather were heavier, it would be devoured by Ammit, a soul-eating beast. To carry a light heart, the Egyptians followed the precepts of Maat to the letter.

Goddess of Universal Harmony

Egyptian tradition holds that the universe is constant and permanent. However, for its ideal functioning, it is necessary that all beings live in full balance, even the opposites.

This could only happen with the strength of Maat as the goddess of universal harmony, ruling the harmony between people and nature, state and citizens, rights and duties. In this sense, the concept of Maat permeated all existing relationships in Ancient Egypt.

In this way, the human being was impelled to act in the most correct way possible, in order to attain absolute virtue in the eyes of the goddess. Free from flaws, humanity and the universe could achieve full harmony.

Ritual of the Goddess Maat

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Devotees of the Goddess Maat used to perform rituals in search of truth, justice and harmony. If you’re interested in her story and want to learn how to find the strength of the goddess, check out a ritual below to find answers to your questions.

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Preparation mode:

  1. To begin your ritual, in a quiet place in your home, organize an altar to the Goddess Maat with all the materials on the list;
  2. Then light the candle and incense to invoke the goddess;
  3. Hold the Ankh towards your heart and ask the goddess for guidance to find harmony;
  4. Finally, before going to sleep, drink the glass of water asking Maat to send you signs of truth during your dream.

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