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Glycerin soap: benefits, products and how to make your own

Do you already know glycerin soap? It is a very suitable product for sensitive skin, including those of babies and the elderly. To learn more about this, follow the article in full with information from dermatologist Renata Marques (CRM-RJ 814717)!

5 benefits of glycerin soap that will convince you to adopt it

The dermatologist indicated the benefits of this soap for you to understand why to use it. Look what they are:

  • It maintains the skin’s softness and flexibility: its moisturizing capacity allows for a softer and more flexible skin, preventing the dryness that common soaps cause.
  • It’s good for dermatitis: Renata indicates that glycerin soap accelerates the improvement of inflammation.
  • It has emollient and moisturizing properties: emollients restore and moisturize the skin, keeping it healthy for longer.
  • It is hypoallergenic: this means that the soap prevents allergic conditions.
  • It usually has a neutral pH: it usually has a pH very similar to that of the skin, usually between 5.4 and 5.6. Neutral soaps clean without harming the skin, so they are suitable for all parts of the body.

These are just some of the advantages of this soap, but you can already see how amazing it is, right? Nothing like knowing that we are taking good care of our skin!

The best glycerin soaps

We separate great product options for you to choose what most has to do with your routine. Take a look and choose your favorite!

1. Glycerin soap in Lux bar – $

Lux’s glycerin soap has a super affordable price! In addition, the brand has several fragrances for you to choose from. But we’ve already said: one is better than the other!

2. Nexter Glycerin Bar Soap – $

This product is a great indication for those who do not like or cannot use products with a lot of aroma. It’s a cheap option that removes impurities from the skin in a light and delicate way!

3. Phebo Glycerin Bar Soap – $$

Phebo soap maintains the original formula, known for a long time for its quality. With vegetable glycerin, it’s good for those who don’t consume ingredients of animal origin and are looking for a soap with a unique smell!

4. Arte Nativa bar glycerin soap – $$

This is another fragrance-free option, suitable for all body regions. In addition, it can be used on sensitive skin, such as babies. But it goes for all skin types, see?

5. Granado bar glycerin soap – $$

Granado’s glycerin soap is a success! It can be used all over the body, leaving the skin soft and fragrant. This product is worth a try!

6. Granado liquid glycerin soap – $$$

The brand also has liquid soaps, and the quality is the same! Suitable for different skin types, it can be used on the face or body and has a vegan and paraben-free formula.

7. Johnson’s Baby Glycerin Soap – $$$$

This soap is perfect for keeping baby’s skin clean and hydrated without harming it. In addition, it can be used on all parts of the body, including the hair! A practical option and full of care for the delicate skin of the little ones.

How many options, right? The important thing is to find the soap that makes the most sense for your routine and your skin. After all, choosing the products we use is an important act of self-care!

How to make a glycerin soap

Prefer to make your own soap? Want to sell the product? All good! Press play in the sequence of videos and discover how to make a soap your way.

How to make handmade soap to sell

You will need a base for glycerin soap, a container, essence with the aroma you prefer, coloring (if you want a soap with color), a dropper and molds. You can see the step by step in the video!

How to make homemade glycerin soap base

Glycerin neutral soap, water and salt: these are the ingredients of this soap base! It’s very easy, practical and fast. In addition, it will make the production of your soap even cheaper, because you will not need to buy the glycerin base. Check out the tutorial!

homemade glycerin soap

Glycerin base, a glycerin soap with the fragrance of your choice, body oil, shampoo and molds. The result is an impeccable soap to use in your home while saving a lot!

As we have seen, glycerin soap is a great bet for your daily life, isn’t it? For even more beautiful and healthy skin, check out options and how to use body oil!

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