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Girl ties Christmas wish in balloon, which flies kilometers and is received and attended to by man in another country

Most people, when they grow up, stop believing in Santa Claus, fairies and all things related to the fantasy world. The problem is that, when this happens, there are those who start to see dreams as a mere childish fantasy. Fortunately, children, with their innocent eyes and their vision of a world that does not set boundaries between the real and the magical, are always showing us that kindness and love have the power to accomplish more than we can imagine.

We, from awesome.club, we believe that all dreams can come true. That’s why we bring you the beautiful story of a man who devised a plan to fulfill the wish of a girl who lived in another country, and whom he didn’t even know, but whom he wanted to make happy.

It all started when a balloon, carrying a Christmas wish, flew thousands of miles

It was December when Amin Adzhiev, a farmer in the Republic of Karachay-Kircassia, Russia, happened to glance up at the sky and saw a strange white object descending towards him. As he got closer, intrigued, he saw that it was a balloon carrying a letter. The man tried to read what he had written, but it was in a language he didn’t know. What little he noticed was that it was a letter written by a small girl. As the situation was somewhat curious (let’s be honest, it’s not everyone who, out of nowhere, finds a balloon falling from the sky carrying an unintelligible message), Amin decided to ask some friends for help. These friends, in turn, shared the story on social networks in order to find someone capable of translating the message and discovering the sender of that letter.

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Thus, it was possible to discover that the letter was written in German, that it had Santa Claus as the addressee and that it was signed by a girl named Sophia who, apparently, was 9 years old. In the letter, the little girl, who lived in Austria, said that she wanted to win a fairytale princess dress for Christmas, a tent in the shape of a medieval castle, a scarf and a hoverboard. In addition, she asked for “lots of love for everyone, and for people to stop fighting so much”.

Thus began the plan to fulfill Sophia’s wish.

When he finally understood what the child was asking for, Amin decided to embody Santa Claus, starting a fundraising campaign to buy gifts in time. However, such a supportive, apparently simple attitude would have some obstacles: in addition to the money needed to buy the products, it was necessary to find out Sophia’s address, and all this before December 25th, so that the girl could receive her birthday gifts. Christmas on time. “All my friends from everywhere, including Moscow, raised the money quickly,” says the man proudly. However, it was still not known how to find Sophia, and it was there that internet users performed a job worthy of the best detectives.

The fundamental clue to discover the identity and whereabouts of the girl was in the bladder, which bore a kind of seal from the Museum of Oberndorf. Some people contacted local officials, who reported that the balloons had been thrown into the air by children whose mission was to write their Christmas wishes. Next, the “detectives” obtained a list of participants, found the names of Sophia’s parents, and rolled up their sleeves.

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A dream that crossed borders

Finally, Amin’s helpers managed to write to the girl’s family. It was a big surprise for Stefan, Sophia’s father, when he received, on a social network, a message written in Russian, informing that the bladder released by his daughter days before had arrived, surprisingly, in another country, and that unknown persons were willing to fulfill the wish of the little one. Stefan’s sensation must have been very similar to the one experienced by Amin when he found the bladder.

Sophia’s family contributed to the cause, happily accepting that initiative. So the volunteers had time to buy and ship all the gifts. They even hired an actor to play Santa and deliver the packages.

A dream that was very successful

Several communication vehicles, both from Austria and Russia, were interested in showing the story of the girl and her wish balloon. When being interviewed, Sophia told journalists that that experience awakened her desire to learn Russian. The girl also said that, next Christmas, she will release another balloon with her requests, to see how far the letter will reach. Who knows? If her wishes were granted once, history might as well repeat itself.

The news crossed the borders of countries and gained worldwide repercussions. No wonder, since, in addition to a party balloon having traveled more than 2,332 kilometers without exploding, which already defies logic, history has made clear the full force of solidarity and good deeds. The so-called “magic” is not found in fairies or magic lamps, much less in Santa Claus. It is hidden in the hearts of all people, like those who participated in the realization of Sophia’s dream, from different parts of the world, but united in the purpose of putting a smile on a child’s face.

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Do you believe it is possible to see big dreams come true? Don’t hesitate to post a comment talking about your biggest wish. Someone will decide to do it, right?

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