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Get inspired by the most beautiful tattoos from bloggers

Marking the skin with something that symbolizes a moment, a person or a story is like leaving that unique feeling forever recorded.

Tattoos are unique, even if it’s the same design that everyone else does, for you it will reflect your personality and what you want to remember when looking at your tattoo.

And getting a tattoo requires a lot of research and a lot of inspiration. Looking for a design that has to do with the tattoo motif, that fits the place where you want to apply the design and is still beautiful and matches your own personality, is not an easy task.

That’s why there’s nothing better than finding out what bloggers’ tattoos are to mirror in their designs and looking for one that fits what you’re looking for at the moment. Check out.

1. Taciele Alcolea

Taciele Alcolea has three tattoos, all of which are written and have a meaning. The last one was the word “smile” on the rib and it means smile in English. In the video below, she talks about the experience of getting this last tattoo, the pain she felt and what it means to smile for her.

Another tattoo she has was done in partnership with her husband, on her forearm, where the two have a phrase reflecting their relationship. Hers “you and me” (you and me in English). The last tattoo is a Latin phrase “alis volat propiio” which means she flies with her own wings.

2. Nina Secrets

Blogger Niina Secrets also has three tattoos, all discreet and in hidden places. The first one she did was together with her sister Fabi Santina, a red heart in the palm of her little finger. Another tattoo she has is a diamond on the part just behind her ankle.

The last one, which she shows and tells in the video below, is the German phrase “Wanderlust” which means desire to travel, to know the world, new places. This tattoo she got on her back, just below her arm height, but not exactly above her ribs.

3. Fabi Santina

Owner of the Crie Moda blog and sister of Niina Secrets, Fabi also has three tattoos. The first one was made in the same place and with the same design as the sister, the red heart. The second she drew a dandelion that starts at the shoulder and goes to the back, only done with black ink.

Fabi’s third and final tattoo is the phrase “Let it go”. She tells in the video that she got the tattoo at the Miami Ink studio. Check out what else she said about the tattoo in the video below.

4. Luisa Accorsi

Luisa Accorsi, from the blog Sonhos de Crepom, started tattooing herself at the age of 13 and today she has seven tattoos. The first tattoo was two stars on the foot, just the outline. The second was the Sanskrit symbol of the lotus flower on the wrist. Another tattoo she has, right under her back, is the Italian phrase “la bella vita”.

Luisa’s fourth tattoo is a hummingbird on her ribs and is the blogger’s biggest design. On her waist, Luisa has the initials IED tattooed, which means “Infinite while it lasts”. This phrase she took from the Sonnet of Fidelity, by Vinicius de Moraes. The sixth tattoo she got is the phrase “alis volat propiio”, as well as that of blogger Taciele. The last one, very recent, she tattooed the same phrase from Niina Secrets, “Wanderlust” inside her arm. In the video below, Luisa tells about all the meanings of her tattoos.

5. Karol Pinheiro

Karol Pinheiro is another blogger passionate about tattoos and currently has six. The first one she made was a star on the back of her head. Afterwards, she has two hearts, one on each wrist, but they were made at different times. In addition to the two hearts on her wrist, she also has another heart, but this one is a little bigger on her arm.

The blogger’s fifth tattoo is the phrase “heart/mind” on the inside of her arm. The sixth tattoo is a Beauty and the Beast rose she got on her crotch. In the following video, she tells a little about each tattoo and details all the meanings and importance of each of the designs made by her.

6. Bruna Vieira

The blogger of the blog Além dos Quinze also has some tattoos. The first one she made was a drawing of swallows very close to her wrist. Her second tattoo is a phrase in English by presenter Oprah Winfrey that means “The greatest adventure you can have is to live the life of your dreams” and it is tattooed just below the blogger’s shoulder.

Bruna also has two tattoos near her wrist, one of a heart-shaped key and the other of a camera. The blogger tells a little more about her tattoos in the following video. She talks about what each one represents and at what point in her life she made the drawings.

7. Thássia Naves

Unlike the other bloggers, Thássia Naves has only one tattoo. Owner of a small heart on her right wrist, the blogger makes the line more discreet and with her heart adds charm and romanticism to her looks.

It is always worth remembering that ideas are intended to serve only as inspiration, because the ideal is to tattoo on your skin something that has meaning in your life. Tattoos are very personal and you should think carefully before getting one and never do them on impulse or to follow fashion, so you don’t regret it later.

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