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Get inspired by the lightness of side bangs looks for your next haircut

Side bangs are one of the most versatile haircuts. It is democratic, as it adapts well to different hair lengths and textures and also to different face shapes. “It softens the features and matches any face shape providing a lot of charm and style”, comments hair stylist Carol Delcambre from Corsica Studio.

For those who still don’t have bangs and want to make a change in the strands, the side bangs can give a different and subtle look: “the side bangs are a detail that you change the look completely”, comments Carol. The versatility of the fringe also lies in the possibility of being used parted in the middle, in the case of longer side fringes. Therefore, it is ideal for those who want to have several options for the look.

A shorter vertical fringe gives the look a hint of modernity. For a more fluid look, ideally, the fringe is layered to give movement. Short bangs require more touch ups and you may have to cut them every month. On the other hand, we have longer side bangs where the retouching doesn’t have to be as constant.

The side fringes, regardless of the length chosen, marry perfectly with hairstyles and accessories. “We can use tiaras, bands, clips and other accessories”, says Carol. For hairstyles, side bangs can accompany different types: “they leave a younger, charming and sensual look in hairstyles”, comments Carol.

How to wear side bangs

The side fringe is very versatile and democratic, adapts well to any type of hair. However, some tips can always be taken into account to know how to use it with your hair type. Below, with the help of hair stylist Carol Delcambre, we provide some tips for you to rock the side bangs. Also check out several photos in each hair type to inspire:

Short hair with side bangs

Short hair, by itself, gives the look a touch of modernity. By using a side fringe on short hair, the result is an even more modern look. “For short hair, side bangs make an impact and success is guaranteed with a unique and stylish look”, comments Carol. “You can opt for a more disconnected side fringe following the style of the look”, completes the hair stylist.

Photo: Playback / Niina Secrets
Photo: Playback / Worn Out

Medium hair

For medium hair, side bangs give a more natural look. “Bet on a more peaked side fringe, as it gains more life and looks natural”, indicates Carol. Cuts like the long bob go very well with longer side bangs.

Photo: Reproduction / Miss Black Book

Photo: Reproduction / The Fashion Hall
Photo: Reproduction / The Fashion Hall

Side bangs for long hair

In long hair, the side fringe provides movement to the look. “In long hair, the side fringe gives a renewed look, making it even lighter”, comments Carol. “Opt for more graduated bangs to go with the cut,” she adds.

Photo: Playback / Amy Valentine
Photo: Playback / The Honey Bee

Photo: Playback / The Blonde Salad
Photo: Reproduction / Giovanna Ferrarezi
Photo: Reproduction / Bruna Vieira

Photo: Reproduction / Vintage Collage

Fringe on curly and frizzy hair

For curly and curly hair, it is important that the side fringe is cut with dry strands, so that it is not shorter than expected: “preferably the cut should be done with scissors and the curls should be cut one by one ”, indicates Carol. For more movement in the strands, “we used the most disconnected and layered side bangs”, emphasizes the hair stylist.

Side bangs make any type of hair even more beautiful and transform your look. Regardless of the side fringe size chosen, the strands are more movement and lightness when adopting this type of fringe.

How to cut side bangs at home

If you like the look with side bangs, an interesting option is to cut it yourself at home, as it is not a very complex cut. With the help of some tools and good tutorials it is possible to conquer the look without great difficulties. Check out:

Long and light side bangs by Michelle Almendra

This fringe is very versatile and looks good on long and medium hair. For the light and stripped effect, the vlogger shows step by step how the scissor movements are.

Short side bangs by Priscila Lucena

This fringe has the gradient effect, that is, it is shorter at the beginning and gradually longer until reaching the other end. Fringe is versatile and can be used on any length of hair. To finish, a razor is used to give more trim.

Side bangs for curly hair by Cindy Rizos

To create a voluminous and gradient fringe, the vlogger uses the technique of twisting the wires and cutting with scissors. The result is a versatile side fringe for curly and frizzy hair, which can also be parted in the middle.

Transform straight bangs into sides by Giovanna Ferrarezi

This video doesn’t show you how to cut bangs, but rather how to turn straight bangs into side bangs with the help of a few tricks. The blogger’s tips are interesting to vary the hairstyle without having to cut it.

Side bangs are a great option to renew your look without much sacrifice. Regardless of your hair type, side bangs can be adapted for you and the result is sure to be very satisfying.

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