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Gemini in friendship: Know what your personality is like.👂

have someone from twins in friendship, is being able to count on someone who is curious and versatile. These are the most striking characteristics of the Gemini.

Many people take the versatility of Gemini as a bad thing, and say they are ‘two-faced’ or indecisive. But this is not true.

Those born under the sign of Gemini use their duality to objectively think about options before making a decision. Furthermore, they are people extremely intelligentas their inquisitive mind leads them to various readings and to learn about the most different subjects.

Because they have many things on their mind, Gemini can be restless, and easily let go of something that is no longer interesting.

Want to know more about this sign in friendship? Check it out below:

The Gemini personality in friendship

Gemini is also very communicative, because he needs to put his so many ideas out. With this, Gemini is also great for organizing and planning several things at the same time. And that will always take your resources into account.

Anyone who has a Gemini friend knows, he will always be able to get out of a financial problem, or any change that appears.

Another great trait of Gemini is that, like their element, Air, they don’t suffer much from change.

If you’re an Air (Libra and Aquarius) or Fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) sign, your friendship with Gemini has a long future ahead of it.

This intense freedom lover has a great sense of humor, which will help you a lot if you’re feeling a little down. Always outgoing and sensitive, Gemini will go to great lengths to improve the mood of their friends.

Signs relate in different ways. Very influenced by their elemental houses, because it is through this tendency that we define which are more compatible and which are not. For example:

  • Capricorn has a more old-fashioned look to Gemini, which leads to the extreme opposite between free-spirited and methodical.
  • Sagittarius or Aquarius are more compatible signs, as they carry a common freedom and complicity with Gemini.

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To know if you are compatible with this sign, or if you are a Gemini, and would like to know your alignment with others, it is ideal that you do your mapping.

Many people tend to look to the stars for their relationship with others. Through a guide, you can know what the stars have to reveal to you. And you can consult one of our astrologers, they are professionals specialized in the subject, and they will be able to help you.

Here’s a practical guide to what Gemini is like in friendship with other signs.

  • Gemini and Aries: Because they have many of the same qualities, the combination of these two signs can result in great conversations and lots of fun. Being two free spirits, the moments between them will never be boring.
  • Gemini and Taurus: A friendship between a Taurus and a Gemini can be a little troublesome, as the restless Gemini is easily annoyed by the Taurus’ tranquility.
  • twins and twins: Despite having the same characteristics, the relationship between two Geminis can generate some sparks, as they share not only the qualities, but also the defects. Despite this, this is a friendship that will never run out of topics, or moments to enjoy.
  • Gemini and Cancer: The combination of these two signs can be poorly balanced. The Cancer caretaker can’t quite understand the Gemini’s need for hype and excitement. While Gemini likes to be surrounded by people, for Cancer, the fewer people the better.
  • Gemini and Leo: The shake duo. Both Gemini and Leo love to party, so a friendship between these two will be anything but stalled. Two signs who care a little too much about their egos, but when that’s put aside, there’s no problem that can’t be solved.
  • Gemini and Virgo: The shy Virgo might not be very comfortable with the restless Gemini personality. Also, Virgo is very methodical, and this can make Geminis a little irritated, as they don’t like limitations. Even so, from this combination, the most intelligent conversations will emerge.
  • Gemini and Libra: Two lovers of the arts, the friendship between Gemini and Libra also has a high intellectual level. In addition to being two air signs, and knowing how to respect when the other needs space, which can happen from one moment to the next with the dualized Gemini.
  • Gemini and Scorpio: This combination has its ups and downs, as these signs are almost opposites. Scorpio’s intensity can hurt a Gemini’s sensitivity a little, while Gemini restlessness can be a problem for the introspective Scorpio.
  • Gemini and Sagittarius: A passion for freedom and movement are what these two have most in common. There are many things in which they differ, but Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite signs, which can help with a little balance in friendship. Not to mention, of course, the hectic social life they lead together.
  • Gemini and Capricorn: An unconventional combination. While Gemini represents the agitation of the young spirit, Capricorn is the methodism of the old spirit. While Capricorn is putting down roots, Gemini is traveling away from the conventional.
  • Gemini and Aquarius: Another freedom lover, Aquarius benefits from the simple way Gemini solves life’s problems. While the Gemini has fun with the contemporaneity of Aquarius. Like Gemini, Aquarius is extremely intelligent, which will give this friendship many hours of conversation and enjoyment.
  • Gemini and Pisces: Both Gemini and Pisces are extremely sensitive, but at different points. While Pisces overflows with emotions, Gemini has some difficulty dealing with the world of feelings. However, the companionship and curious mind of this duo, can overcome any difficulty.

Now that you know more about twins in friendship, know that it is possible for you to identify all the details for yourself.

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See you in the stars, until then!

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