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Gel-like effect for your nails: get inspired and learn how to make jelly nails

Have you ever thought about having decorated, perfect and durable nails? All this is possible with jelly nails. The international trend is making waves among women of all ages. Next, learn more about the technique. Then, just choose your favorite inspirations, watch the tutorials and rock.

What are jelly nails? Learn more about this technique

Translated from English, the term “jelly nails” means “jelly nails”. The nomenclature is related to the similarity between the technique and the appearance of gelatin, that is, a thicker texture, slightly transparent, in bright colors. To achieve this effect, the material used is the transparent base or stretching gel. How about finding out how this combination looks in practice?

30 pictures of jelly nails to bet on the nails of the moment

No wonder they are so successful. Colorful, transparent, delicate or daring, there are jelly nails for all tastes. Check out some beautiful inspirations:

1. Jelly nails are amazing

2. They are perfect for creating relaxed nails

3. The vibe is pure joy

4. Match with short nails

5. And they don’t go unnoticed on longer nails

6. The gelatine effect is really cool

7. Look at this texture!

8. You can create beautiful designs

9. Animal print fans will love this idea

10. You can opt for a more discreet enamelling

11. Or throw yourself into bolder designs

12. How about painting a nail of each color?

13. These overlays look wonderful

14. A touch of sparkle is always welcome

15. You can make the ends more transparent

16. Pink jelly nails are a sure choice

17. And you can get away from the basics

18. Include your favorite drawings

19. The rounded shape never goes out of style

20. He’s super stylish

21. The square ones are also successful

22. They are perfect in more exaggerated sizes

23. The shine is even more visible on transparent nails

24. The gel can be used for stretching

25. Or just to guarantee the jelly effect

26. Anyway, after you try jelly nails once

27. Will fall in love with durability

28. For the infinite possibilities of designs

29. And you will always want to vary

30. So choose your favorite jelly nails and try it on

The world of nail design allows for beautiful combinations. And if you are interested in the result of jelly nails, check out the tutorials below.

how to make jelly nails

How about venturing out and making your own jelly nails? Discover the secrets of this technique and achieve a result worthy of a beauty salon.

Jelly nails with foundation

Leaving your nail polish looking “jelly” is very easy. The little secret is in the transparent base. So watch the video and find out how to do it.

pink jelly nails

If you are a fan of pink nails, you need to try this combination. The regular nail polish will be mixed with a clear extra-gloss. The result is the ideal color for those who like very clear and shiny nails.

Jelly nails with common nail polishes

You don’t need to buy specific nail polishes to create the effect of jelly nails. Just a few drops of regular nail polish mixed with a clear base. So when you run out of nail polish, don’t throw the bottle, sanitize it and have a place to create your combinations.

blue jelly nails

A slight bluish tone with the charm of the transparent. Watch the video and learn how to make a delicate, smooth and perfect nail art for everyday life.

With so many cool ideas, you can use the technique without falling into monotony. And if you love trends and decorations, check out the baby boomer nail too.

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