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Garlic and Coarse Salt: Spells and Cleanses to Fight Envy and Bad Energy

Since ancient times, humans have harbored fear of bad energies, such as the evil eye, curses, revenge, plagues, and dark magic. It is not a mere coincidence that these negative energies have been combated by various cultures for millennia, often utilizing the power of coarse salt and garlic.

In the past, priests employed salt as a means to ward off evil spirits and demons that would attack people. The Greeks, Hebrews, and Christians also used salt in purification rituals to cleanse and protect against bad energies. In fact, it was quite common to sprinkle salt on the head of a sacrificed animal as a means of purifying residences and commercial spaces. Christians even applied salt to the lips of newborn babies during baptism as a form of protection. During the Middle Ages, salt was thrown over doors, windows, and chimneys to ward off evil spirits and demons.

Even in modern times, salt continues to be regarded as a potent magical element for combatting bad energies and envy. Many households, for instance, place a glass of salt water behind their front doors in search of protection.

Garlic and Salt: Spiritual Properties and Power

In addition to the power of salt, garlic has also been recognized for millennia as an effective means of warding off demons. Garlic is believed to be so powerful in the fight against evil that even Count Dracula, the iconic vampire from cinema, is said to be repelled by garlic and the Cross.

But how did garlic gain such a reputation for fighting vampires, bad energies, and demons? One theory suggests that garlic was utilized as a potent medicine in various ancient civilizations. In those times, diseases were often attributed to the devil and witchcraft, and as garlic was known for its healing properties, it was easily associated with protection. Over time, this belief has persisted and grown even stronger today.

With this brief history in mind, let us now delve into the spells and rituals used to combat evil and envy.

Coarse salt to cleanse your business from bad energies

To purify your store or business from bad energies, perform a weekly ritual with rock salt. At the end of each workday, when closing the store, sprinkle rock salt on the floor.

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Starting from the bottom, scatter the salt on the floor and spread it throughout the store. Pray the ‘Our Father’ and/or ‘Hail Mary’, asking God to attract all negative energy to the salt. Close the store and leave.

The following day, when opening the store, sweep the rock salt to the front of the store. While sweeping, recite the ‘Our Father’ and/or ‘Hail Mary’ again, asking God to attract all negative energy to the salt. Dispose of the rock salt outside the store and pour water over it so that it flows into the street sewer. Your store is now cleansed.

Magic to sleep well and remove bad energies

Are you experiencing poor or restless sleep? Do you have frequent nightmares and wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed? Do you see figures in your room at night? It’s time to fight against bad energies to get a good night’s sleep. Every night before bed, place a full glass of plain water and a handful of coarse salt under your bed. If possible, add a few drops of holy water from a church.

As you place the glass, recite the ‘Creed’ or Psalm ’91’, asking for protection and the removal of bad energies. The next morning, pour the water from the glass into the sink, wash the glass, and put it away. Repeat the process each night.

Ritual to protect and purify the home and environment

To ward off bad energies from entering your home, place a glass filled with water and a handful of coarse salt behind or near the front door. You may also add a tiger’s eye stone for extra protection. As you set up the glass, say a prayer such as the Psalm ’91’ and declare that the glass of water and salt will attract negative energy.

Remember to change the water and salt once a week to maintain its effectiveness.

Salt bath for cleansing and recharging

This bath is also recommended for eliminating toxins, as the salt neutralizes excess energy and cleanses your aura.

Preparation: Boil 2 liters of water in a pot. When the water starts to boil, add a tablespoon of coarse salt and let it boil for another 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and cover the pot. Let the liquid cool down to a comfortable bath temperature. Transfer the liquid to a bucket and take it to the bathroom. At the end of your regular bath, pour the liquid from the bucket over your body, from the neck down. Then take a second shower to remove any excess salt. Repeat this cleansing once a month or every 15 days.

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Important tip: While taking a bath, recite your favorite prayers and ask for cleansing and protection.

Smoking and cleansing of environments with purple garlic smoke

Gather garlic husks and light charcoal in a thurible. Place the purple garlic husks on the coal. Use the smoke to purify the property, starting at the back and moving towards the front door. Smoke all areas thoroughly. Repeat this process once a month.

Magic to protect yourself from bad energies

Using salt as a neutralizer for energies is a common practice that can help maintain your body’s energy balance. You can easily incorporate it into your daily routine by carrying a small pouch filled with salt and garlic cloves in your pocket or purse.

Another option is to create a black mojo bag containing coarse salt, garlic cloves, and an onyx stone to carry with you. Remember to renew the bag every six months to ensure its effectiveness.

It’s important to note that while salt can neutralize negative energy, it can also neutralize positive energy. Therefore, after using salt to neutralize negative energy, it’s essential to replenish your body with positive energy. You can do this through incense, herbal baths, or by incorporating salt into your bath as a talisman or protective amulet. This way, you can maintain your body’s energy balance and neutralize bad energy.

Release bad energies

To perform a releasing bath with salt, start by adding two tablespoons of coarse salt to 2 liters of water. You can heat the water if you prefer a hot bath, but it’s not necessary. When you’re ready to take the bath, wet your body from the neck down with the saltwater.

During the bath, visualize all the negative energies and emotions leaving your body and being neutralized by the saltwater. You can also say a prayer or affirmation, asking for the release of negative energies and the purification of your body, mind, and spirit.

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After the bath, take a herbal bath to refresh and revitalize your body. It’s important to wear light clothes and avoid crowded places after the discharge bath, as you may be more sensitive to energies and emotions. Repeat the process as needed, especially after times of stress or intense emotions.


Garlic is commonly used to promote purification. For this purpose, you can burn its husks or add it to mixtures that are intended to purify individuals, objects, places, or animals. You can also include garlic in purification baths and in your diet so that its effects are felt from the inside out.


If you’re looking for a powerful herb to increase your protection, garlic is definitely the right choice. It is traditionally associated with protection against energetic vampires, obsessive spirits, low vibration entities, as well as being excellent for combating the evil eye and envy.

In Greek Mythology, garlic is considered a sacred herb to Hecate, the lady of Magic, Dogs, and Crossroads. Therefore, you can incorporate it into your rituals that honor this powerful deity.

Garlic is a dual-character herb, as it has the power to remove negative energies, preventing their accumulation, and to prevent them from sticking to your aura or the spaces in which it is found.

That’s why it’s common to hang garlic at home, as it provides a powerful defense against negative energies and helps to exorcise them from your life.

Spell with Coarse Salt and Garlic in a Pot or Plate

Assemble the following ingredients:

  • Coarse salt;
  • A plate or glass jar;
  • Garlic cloves;
  • Red pepper.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Fill the container with coarse salt until it reaches the top.
  • Place 7 or 13 garlic cloves on the surface in a circle.
  • Place five peppers in the center.
  • Decree that all envy and negative energy be captured by the pile of salt and garlic.
  • Place the battery in the main room of the house or the company reception.
  • Change everything every 2 months.

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