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Frill: learn how to incorporate this charming detail into your style

Ruffles are present in many pieces of clothing, from dresses, through more formal shirts and even on tailored pants. Applied in different ways, they match many looks and styles and tend to highlight the look.

According to Style Consultant Gaby Beraldo, ruffles are design elements and are characteristic of the most romantic and feminine style. The application is very common in summer pieces, but it has also been seen in the more sophisticated autumn/winter collections of the latest fashion seasons.

For Gaby, when composing looks with ruffles, we have to take into account the physical type of each one, since, according to the consultant, “the element can give more visual weight to the silhouette”. Learn how to use ruffles, incorporating them into different looks, from tips from the style and visual consultant to inspire you:

blouse with ruffles

Ruffles are present in several models of blouses, sometimes as the main highlight of the piece, or maybe just a detail on the sleeve. Gaby Beraldo warns that, as ruffles can give more weight to the silhouette, those that are “applied horizontally at the top of the look can visually increase the breast area. To avoid the effect, it is important to check the ruffle seam for puckers.”, she teaches.

shirts with ruffles

For a more formal look, ruffled shirts look great. They can be paired with skirts or even jeans for a casual look. The style consultant points out that ruffles that are too thin or applied too much can leave the piece dated or even childish, asking care when choosing the ruffle on your shirt or composing the rest of the look.

skirts with ruffles

Versatile, you can combine ruffled skirts with a shirt for a more formal look, or even with a basic t-shirt for a relaxed look.

For Gaby, “the ruffles look better when applied to the hem of the skirt, preferably in a larger size, complementing the length of the piece.” In pareo skirt models, ruffles create interest and can visually change the silhouette of the wearer. It is also worth remembering that, according to Gaby, “the diagonal ties disguise the volume of the hips and legs”.

shorts with ruffles

The models of shorts with ruffles make the look more romantic, without ceasing to be refined. The ruffled shorts can be combined with a top of the same print, or even with pieces that are characteristic of other seasons, such as jackets.

dresses with ruffles

Like the other pieces, the ruffle is present in different types of dress, both in casual models for everyday life and in more sophisticated pieces. Vertically applied ruffles are common in dresses and, according to the style consultant, when the details are applied in this way, “they create elongated lines on the torso and draw attention to the center of the body, which gives the feeling of a thinner silhouette.”

15 ruffled pieces to complete your looks

For you to incorporate the ruffles in your style, we have selected some different pieces for you to complete your looks and your wardrobe. Check out:

Where to buy

  1. Cotton shirt with ruffles, by Amaro
  2. Cropped Ruffled Jeans from Amaro
  3. Jeans dresses with ruffles, at Hering
  4. Long Ruffle Dress, at Riachuelo
  5. Ruffled neckline blouse embroidered in India ink, in Cantão
  6. Short ruffle dress, at Farm
  7. Black crepe ruffled trousers from Amaro
  8. Double Frilled Pala Skirt, at Farm
  9. Jeans Skirt Ruffles blue jeans, in Cantão
  10. Vichy plaid skirt with ruffles, by Amaro
  11. Double Bell Sleeve Blouse, in Pink Vanilla
  12. FiveBlu Vichy Ruffles shirt, at Dafiti
  13. Black ruffled strapless jumpsuit, at Amaro
  14. Printed ruffled skirt, at Riachuelo
  15. Babado Regatta, in Riachuelo

There are pieces to compose different looks with ruffles, from relaxed dresses to more formal pants. Have you found the ruffle piece that matches your style?

More inspiring looks with ruffles

In order to have no doubts about how to use the ruffles in different pieces, and of course respecting your own style, check out more looks for you to be inspired and rock the detail:

You can use the ruffles at the top of the look, highlighting the piece with the applications

Or bet on one piece, super elegant

In another unique piece, the ruffles make the look very charming

You can also choose to use the ruffle in the entire production

Ruffled dresses are a charm, whether in a classic denim model…

Or thinner fabric, with a more refined touch

Ruffles can also be part of a more formal and chic look.

In colorful pieces they look beautiful, like this top

Or if you prefer, it’s worth colorful pants too!

Ruffles can appear on the side of the pieces, vertically

Or horizontally, as in the hem of this dress

Look at this model how charming!

On shirts, you can opt for larger ruffles

Or by those who appear as a detail on the sleeve

Ruffles also appear on off-the-shoulder dresses.

And always bring highlight to the look

You can match the ruffled top piece with a contrasting color underneath.

Or with a printed skirt

Look at this different and laced piece in the ruffles!

If you love longer dresses, ruffles can complement the piece.

For a sophisticated look, you can combine a white shirt with ruffled pants.

Or how about a skirt?

You can opt for the more subtle ruffles

Possibilities abound!

There are not many secrets to using ruffles, after all they are in different pieces and work for different styles. With the tips above and the looks of inspiration, you just need to include this charming detail in your look!

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