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Friend’s Day: what is the “right” commemorative date?

If you were surprised by a message from Happy friend’s Day this Wednesday (18), do not be surprised. Is that April 18th, in Brazil, is one of at least three dates on which Friend’s Day is celebrated. Being an informal commemorative date – not linked to any holiday or law – it is difficult to define which is the “correct” ...

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The bad side of each sign; discover your

You signs they are largely responsible for the individuality of each person and directly influence behavior and decision-making on a daily basis. However, signs can also reveal the darker side of someone’s personality🇧🇷 These defects even affect our activities and relationships. the astrologer Mariana Fernandes launches, in this month of May, the book “Astrology of Depression”, by Editora Pensamento. With ...

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Type ‘Thanos’ into Google and the Internet Goes Crazy

“Avengers: Endgame” debuted last Thursday (25) and Google is already on top of the story. The platform launched a magical prank for those looking for “Thanos” in the search engine. As usual, the villain’s profile appears in a box with the name and description of who he is. Only this time, a difference emerged. Next to the title “Thanos”, there ...

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Tattoos can boost your immune system, says study: Get inspired

If you were still afraid of doodling your skin, this news might encourage you to start tattooing your body once and for all! Research conducted by the University of Alabama has shown that getting lots of tattoos can help you heal from a cold and other basic infections. According to the study, this happens because your body reacts to tattoos ...

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12 things only people with long-distance friends can understand

Ile Machado / Though we gain and lose many friends throughout our lives, a few good ones always remain🇧🇷 Thanks to maturity (and technology, of course!), these relationships are capable of ignoring crises, the passage of years and even great distances. 1. No matter how many kilometers separate them, it seems like nothing has changed reproduction 2. That’s because you ...

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