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Good morning with more courage

May the day be lived with more courage, less doubts and more action and may there not be a moment when fear is greater than hope and faith. Good Morning! Lívia Barros Calado Good morning message 1 04/02/2019

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Good Morning with Surprises and Opportunities

I hope that every moment of this beautiful day is marked by good surprises, new opportunities, achievements and lots of smiles. May happiness always be within our reach and be easy to feel in the midst of the simplest things in life! Good Morning! Lívia Barros Calado Good morning message 1 02/21/2019

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You Have the Power – Phrases for Whats

You have the power to halve the number of your problems if you look at them more softly, see them for their real size, take away from them the power to take your peace. Just choose to sweeten life by feeding love, affection, affection and kindness. Lívia Barros Calado Phrases of Optimism 0 02/03/2019

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Reflection Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Use reflection phrases for WhatsApp status and make your profile and photos even more impactful. They are statuses of reflection on life, gratitude, love and much more! Abandon the cycle of old mistakes and open your arms to change. Allow life to make you a better person every day. ✨ Wanting would be the greatest force in the world if ...

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Urban Legion Phrases that Legend Life

Legião Urbana was one of the national rock bands that most marked our country, causing great locomotion to this day with its striking lyrics, full of passions, reflections and questions. In this way, we selected some excerpts from the songs, most of which were composed by Renato Russo, to inspire you. So, enjoy this selection of phrases that caption life ...

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Good Morning, You Build Your Future

Good Morning! You make your choices, your choices make you. Your future is built everyday and you must be able to deal with the tomorrow you build for yourself everyday without even realizing it. Think about what you’re going to do today! Lívia Barros Calado Good morning message 1 01/07/2019

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