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Cornstarch Face Mask with Honey to Lighten your Skin!

cornstarch honey mask

A cornstarch face mask It is ideal to pamper your skin and rejuvenate it against negative factors such as the sun and makeup. To do it, you do not need to invest a lot of money or time. In addition, it is known that corn starch and honey are two of the natural ingredients that have the most benefits to eliminate and ...

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101 songs to work out and spend all your energy

Maintaining a physical exercise routine has many benefits for the body and mind. However, it often beats that laziness, doesn’t it?! To help you have a lot of energy and motivation for this, we’ve made a selection of songs to work out that are amazing. Check it out and enjoy while exercising! National songs to workout Brazilian music is full ...

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Why am I always tired?

Some people feel that they are always exhausted and the reasons are not always so apparent. There are some factors that can contribute to the increase and permanence of the feeling of fatigue in your life. Find out what these factors are and eliminate endless fatigue from your life. 1 – Menopause During menopause it is common for a woman’s ...

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5 common causes of lack of self-confidence and how to overcome them

Feeling comfortable with yourself is a skill related to self-confidence. However, there are a number of emotional, social and cultural factors that influence how you view yourself and your self-esteem. So, check out the explanations of psychologist Jackeline Corrêa and understand what it is and how to be self-confident. What is self-confidence? In the words of psychologist Jackeline, self-confidence is ...

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Compost: an easy fertilizer to make at home

What do you usually do with leftover fruit and vegetable husks and seeds, coffee grounds and eggshells? If you’re like most people, the answer was probably, “I throw it in the trash! Right?” Wrong! Did you know that some of these items that have garbage as their final destination in many homes can still be reused? We are talking about ...

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Hair microneedling to combat hair loss

Hair microneedling is a technique that assists in the treatment of hair loss caused by some types of alopecia, such as androgenetic also known as baldness. The procedure must be performed by a trichologist or hair therapist, who will evaluate each scalp and indicate the appropriate protocol. In this matter, the doctor Thalita Rodrigues explains what the treatment is and ...

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4 ways to change your baby’s diaper

Changing a newborn baby’s diapers is easier than changing a baby’s diaper, as it requires the mother to be patient, as they tend to move intensely and sometimes even cry. The best way to calmly change a dirty diaper is to be able to synchronize it with the time when the baby is calm. In addition, parents should observe if ...

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Spain can approve menstrual leave, but what about this discussion in Brazil?

The menstrual period affects women in different ways, including in their daily work. They may feel less energetic and productive, bothered by severe pain, symptoms associated with menstruation or a long cycle. Still, they can’t miss work. However, in Spain this is about to change with the Menstrual Leave bill. What is Menstrual Leave? Menstrual Leave would be a period ...

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