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Types of Decorative Candles & Meaning of Each Candle

Candles are a decorative instrument that fills any environment or event with romance, spirituality or joy. Presumably there are millions of decorative candles, with different shapes, colors and aromas. In this post you can take many ideas! Types of decorative candles Depending on the designs of decorative candles, we can choose the ones that go best in the place. For ...

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Rice Flour Face Mask for Skin Whitening

The rice flour mask It is one of the tricks of Asian women to have perfect skin, here we will tell you about this secret. The rice flour mask is a home remedy that will help you eliminate those uncomfortable spots caused by the sun, acne or other factors that take away that radiant effect from your skin. Although you ...

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How many calories are burned dancing?

They say dancing is great exercise, but how many calories does it burn? Here we tell you… If you are one of those who gets bored jogging on a treadmill but is busy partying, why not make your passion for dancing the exercise your body needs? It is not enough to party every 8 days with a drink until dawn, ...

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Having sex makes your butt bigger: Myth or reality?

Having sex makes your butt bigger: myth or reality? We have a super cool video that clarifies in less than a minute and a half if having sex makes your butt get bigger or not, look… When we were in high school or college and had that inexperienced innocence, many of us heard that the foolproof method to make one’s ...

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Dreaming of Scorpions, be careful is a warning!

Dreaming of scorpions it is a sign that you should be attentive to everything that happens around you, here we tell you how you should interpret this dream. Often, we are wondering what it means to dream of bats or animals that in real life can be associated with certain dangers. Visions with scorpions and their cousins, scorpions, are very ...

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Lunar Calendar to Cut your Hair in 2023, the best guide!

Get the hair you’ve always wanted by following the lunar calendar for haircut 2023. Get ready because it’s time for the Moon to help you look radiant. Learn how to do it here! Lunar Calendar to cut hair in 2023 Surely you have wondered when is a good time to cut your hair. And it is that doing it is ...

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Dandelion meaning in a Tattoo, you did not expect it!

dandelion tattoo

If you are looking for the meaning of dandelion in a tattoowe have to tell you that it can be the materialization of your thoughts, desires and deep desires. Within nature, the dandelion is one of those unique and special plants. For many people, it is usually very striking because we have been told that it can fulfill wishes and ...

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Chayote mask for skin without spots or acne


The chayote face mask It is ideal for treating the skin, as it helps prevent blemishes and acne. That is why we tell you exactly how to use this incredible fruit on your face. Chayote, also known as papa de agua, is a pale green fruit that is characterized by its benefits for the skin. In addition to having a high nutritional ...

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What is I Ching? How does this oracle work?

Do you know what I Ching is? Also called the Book of Transmutations, Transformations or Mutations, the text not only contains explanations of the laws of the universe, but is also an ancient Chinese oracle that can serve as a guide for everyday choices. Curious to understand better about this oracle? Read on to learn all about what I Ching ...

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Protection Amulet: Tetragrammaton – Amulets and Talismans

Tetragrammaton protection pendant uses

The Tetragrammaton is one of the most powerful amulets that exist in the world since ancient times. If you are worried about the evils that lie in wait for you, bad luck or the envy of others towards you, then this reading interests you! The Star of five points is considered by many to be the best protection amulet. Do you know where this amulet ...

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