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Fork comb: what it is, where to buy and how to use this volume ally

Increasingly, curly and curly women are taking over their hair and displaying envy-inducing volumes out there. And when it comes to curly hair, there’s no shortage of tricks, finishes and other strategies to give even more power to the strands. Meet one of these dear tools among curly hair: the fork comb.

Which is?

The fork comb is a comb model with longer teeth, capable of lifting the hair root. The distance between the teeth of the comb can vary: if your hair has open curls, choose a tighter fork comb; if your curls are very small, opt for a wide and roomy fork comb.

Betting on the fork comb can reduce the definition of your curls, but the result is a more imposing hair, due to the separation of the strands. The more times you run a fork comb through your locks, the more volume you will have.

The comb material also influences the effect obtained:

  • Wooden fork comb: helps to reduce the static electricity of the wires, thus reducing frizz;
  • Metal fork comb: it usually has very fine teeth, which guarantees greater precision in the movement and enhances the result;
  • Plastic fork comb: plastic is the most accessible and practical material, it prevents hair breakage and goes well with the curliest hair;

Regardless of your type of curl, the fork comb is an ally to never go through bad hair days again. Just choose the right model for your hair and find out the best way for you to use it, after all, everyone knows what works and likes in their curl.

Fork comb: where to buy

Now that you know the function and types of fork comb, check out options to buy online and enjoy the magic of this accessory right away:

  1. Marco Boni fork comb, at Extra
  2. Plastic fork comb, at Carrefour
  3. Wooden fork comb, at Americanas
  4. Santa Clara fork comb, at Lojas Rede
  5. Metal fork comb, on Quem said, Berenice?
  6. Double fork comb, at Americanas
  7. Duo Comb with Alligator Mouth Fork, at Dafiti

Each model is best suited to a hair type. Choose the best comb for your type of curl and give your look a boost – literally!

How to use a fork comb

Once you’ve bought a fork comb to call your own, it’s time to learn how to use it. See the bloggers’ tricks to make your curly hair even more amazing:

How to add volume to hair with a fork comb

Blogger Rayza Nicácio teaches the basic step by step to use the fork comb and create a beautiful volume in the hair. The process is, basically, fitting the comb close to the root and combing up to about 5 fingers in length. This way you release the curls close to the scalp and guarantee a power look. Watch the video to see the process in detail and get all of Rayza’s tips!

How to use a fork comb on short hair

If you have short hair and want to go from the “muchinho” to the “powerful black” look, this video is for you! Curly Ana Lídia’s tip is not to be afraid of losing definition or getting too bulky and frizzy. Play and let go of those curls, woman!

Finishing with a fork comb

This finish is perfect for those who love full-bodied, defined and super-voluminous curls. You will need to apply a product to help you define and then work with a fork comb through your hair. When it dries, all the locks will be separated and you will conquer that dream volume!

Volume in 5 minutes

For the curly ones, here’s the secret of the black power of respect. Best of all, all you need is a hairdryer and a fork comb. The less attached to definition you have, the more volume you will get. Just “fork” your strands a lot and double the volume of your hair every day.

How to use a makeshift fork comb

Fork comb options on the market abound. But, if you don’t have that powerful comb, don’t worry, the kitchen fork sure does! The effect is surprising and you will have to leave it as voluminous as with the official accessory. Gently run the fork between the strands so you don’t break them or hurt your scalp. Goodbye short hair!

Ready to rock around with your voluminous curls? If you want to further enhance the effect of the fork comb, also check out our tips and tape tutorials!

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