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Forecast for Virgo 2022: New Experiences and Opportunities

As we approach the turn of the year, the questions about which path our destiny will take. Even because we are all coming from two intense years and full of heavy energy, because of the pandemic. Then astrologer Vic Costa told us about the forecast for Virgo 2022. See more:

Personal Fulfillment

The next year will be great for interaction and you may even be surprised by someone interesting in this whole process of new experiences and opportunities provided by the spirit of Mercury, which is the ruling planet of 2022 and Virgo.

So the forecast for Virgo 2022 says that the influence of Piscean energies, which will also be very marked in 2022 due to the transit of Jupiter, make you have more hope and faith to deal with the experiences you will live in the next year.

All the new projects and relationships that you propose to live can be a success or a failure, depending on how you look at them. Even when things go awry and you’re disappointed, it’s still possible to learn from all the things that happen. Virgos need to learn to trust themselves more to do their best without always being on the back foot.

full forecast

As Mercury is one of the fastest transiting planets around the Sun and is the star that governs our thoughts, its influence on 2022 indicates that we will have our intellectual capacity evident. This can be put to good use at work and to develop new projects in general.

However, from an emotional point of view, excessive focus on the mental realm generates anxiety and can lead us to adopt an automatic and mechanized way of dealing with things, including relationship problems.

The tip of forecast for Virgo 2022 It is: Take advantage of the stimulus through groups and networks already in January, which provides a good time to expose your results if you want visibility. Even at the beginning of the year, you may notice a tendency to want to overanalyze everything and you will need to observe that you are not getting too busy with details and procrastinating or ignoring personal needs that are more important. This feeling recurs in 2022 a few times in a similar way, due to the transit of Mercury retrograde.

Travel and in-depth studies can give you a more innovative look at your experiences, encouraging changes that you know you need to make, but are still reticent about how to act or position yourself. Take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging without holding on to your past or your comfort zone for fear of the new.


Mercury’s rulership in 2022 can make Virgo natives clearly perceive the divisive points within a relationship and punctuate it more intensely. So, during the next year, look for ways to evolve when you are faced with conflicts in your relationships. Sincere and calm dialogue is essential for this, without trying to impose your thoughts.

The emotional intensity that marks the coming year due to the transit of Jupiter in Pisces (opposite sign complementary to Virgo) is something that can generate impulsive behaviors. Despite the cautious way and critical stance that Virgos are known for, the influence of Pisces energies causes them to step out of line a little.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the demands and pessimism of those who have the Sun in Virgo are feelings that really need to be reviewed. And that’s what the influence of your opposite sign causes, as Pisces are more romantic and lighter, famous for living in the world of the Moon. So next year you can find love when you least expect it and live other intense experiences in your affective life.

THE forecast for Virgo 2022 says that as we are entering the Age of Aquarius (a sign related to freedom and authenticity, but also to a sense of humanity and community), we are led to question and deconstruct our beliefs. Often, we believe that we are or deserve something that limits us and this ends up causing unhappiness in relationships. Therefore, one of the main lessons of 2022 in the field of love will be learning to differentiate how much we should have affective responsibility and how much we should learn to set our limits.

Virgos tend to know how to set their boundaries well most of the time. However, there are always some cases where you tend to give more than you should, expecting something in return (even if unconsciously). This kind of situation ends up generating frustration on both sides and is something that needs to be deconstructed in 2022.


From a career perspective, 2022 is likely to be a big hit. The power of Uranus will continue to influence us in Taurus, stimulating your creativity. According to the forecast for Virgo 2022this will benefit the earth signs more, which is the case with Virgo, providing more imagination and courage to pursue their projects.

This creativity and mental dexterity provided by Mercury, which is the ruling planet of 2022 and the sign of Virgo, gives you the opportunity to grow in the financial sphere as well. It is important to know how to invest and not be dazzled by a “something more” that you can achieve.

Remembering the strong influence of Pisces (opposite sign complementary to yours) in the coming year, you must always be careful not to forget accounts or installments that can end up becoming a snowball.

Throughout the year, it would be nice to rethink communication in your professional life to boost your visibility, especially in terms of results. 2022 will be about risk and focusing on sustaining results in a practical way. Observe and, if necessary, change your routine to improve your productivity. Remember that to attract financial prosperity, you must prioritize hard work.

Most important and influential movements for the sign

One of the most important moves for Virgos, for the forecast for Virgo 2022, is always that of Mercury, the ruling planet of your sign. Therefore, as Mercury will also be the ruler of the next year, the influence of this star’s transit will affect your daily life even more notably.

Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius early in the year and meets Saturn in January. These two planets square Uranus in Taurus, which can mainly interfere with your professional life, delaying your plans a little or making you take a different path than expected.

It is necessary to be ready to understand these experiences as a warning that, at certain times, it is necessary to take a step back so that you can take more conscious and coherent attitudes towards what you really believe and want.

In March, the full moon that happens in your sign highlights some situations that need to be transformed in your life, so that you can organize yourself better internally and externally and align yourself more with your purpose. From this, the clarity of this Moon helps you make more assertive decisions that inaugurate more productive months.

In late May Mercury, which is retrograde again, squares Saturn in Aquarius. This transit can bring up something from the past, making you cling to habits and behavior patterns that make you think more conservatively. It is important to be careful not to close yourself off at this time.

Regarding the retrogradation of your ruling planet, you need to be aware between January 14th and February 3rd, May 10th and June 2nd, September 9th and October 2nd, and finally December 29th and December 18th. January 2023. These periods of opposite Mercury transit will be even more remarkable than in previous years, as this is the ruling planet of 2022.

That was the forecast for Virgo 2022 with astrologer Vic Costa. Liked? Leave us a comment telling us what you thought. Enjoy and also see:

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