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Flower Tiara: learn how to adopt the accessory in the look

The tiara or wreath is an accessory that literally makes the head of women. That’s because it brings a chic angelic bias to the look, reminiscent of fairy tales.

The piece is versatile and can be used for any occasion, from music festivals to weddings. The famous have already adopted the tiara in their productions and today they appear in awards and video clips with the accessory.

Anyone who thinks the flower tiara is an accessory for the summer is wrong: just know the type and color of the accessory. Darker and/or stronger colored flowers, for example, are very welcome for colder days.

The flower tiara is very common in some countries, and its use grows more and more in Brazil. However, it has not yet been completely adopted by the Brazilian women for fear of making mistakes in the composition and leaving the look too utopian. Fashion consultant Lu Rosa gives the tip: “In order not to look too playful, choose light, feminine pieces that in no way refer to children, after all, the idea is to lighten the production, without needing a princess costume for that. ”.

How to use?

The tiaras enrich the look and complement the look with charm. But to get even more right, it’s nice to choose the color and model of the piece well, so that it completely matches your appearance and style.

Start by choosing the size and type. Lu believes that the more discreet ones are more interesting: “apart from fashion editorials and catwalks where the accessory has to draw more attention than the model, the cool thing is to invest in not-so-large tiaras”.

About the model, evaluate with the complete look. “For a more rock style, spikes mixed with flowers give a very authentic look. The more creative ones can enhance the crowns: small fruits are delicate, have beautiful colors and give that interesting air to the accessory”, points out the professional.

Then choose the color according to your hair. Blondes and redheads, for example, combine with tones that accompany their colors. “If it’s a platinum blonde, therefore cold, think of pink flowers and cold shades of blue, to harmonize the set”, suggests Rosa. The darker ones, on the other hand, combine with earthy colors: “change the vivacity of greens for tiaras with dry leaves in various shades of brown”, says the consultant.

In addition, the texture of the wires can also help with the choice. The flower tiara has the differential of being an accessory that matches all types of hair, but some models match very well with certain hair textures.

For straighter hair, the suggestion is to complement it with a hairstyle. “Make a braid that leaves the strands more messy like a fishbone”, suggests Lu.

As for curly hair, as they naturally convey an angelic image, the tip is to contrast the look with flowers and exotic colors. Rosa gives the tip: “try a mix of purple, red, orange and yellow, which is very tropical”.

Another tip is to mix the tiara with a crown made with your own hair, in the case of very long hair.

How to make a flower tiara at home

One of the main features of the accessory is the lightness and naturalness it brings to the look. And if the subject is natural, nothing better than making the flower tiara at home, in the way that suits you best. Watch the video below and choose a model to enchant your look:

Where to buy?

For those not so good with crafts, tiaras are sold in many places in a wide variety of designs and colors. Choose yours and guarantee a much more feminine look:

Looks to inspire

Despite the tropical touch that the accessory offers, the tiara goes very well with big cities. Just know how to combine the looks. “It is good to take into account that this is not an ideal accessory to be used in the work environment, unless you have a super cool job, which admits more informal pieces”, says Lu Rosa.

Get inspired by the looks below and adopt the flower tiara:

Dare to enchant your look with flowers and always be in fashion with the tiara!

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