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Fit cake: 19 delicious recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth

The fit cake is great for those who want to combine a good diet with the practice of physical exercises. It offers a lower concentration of calories, compared to traditional ones, and saves you when you want to eat sweets. That’s why we’ve selected wonderful recipes for you to try. Check it out below:

1. Fit coconut cake

Coconut is a strong ally of fit recipes. Here, it’s used in a sugar-free, flour-free, dairy-free cake with a delicious 70% chocolate frosting.

2. Fit corn cake

This corn cake preserves that taste of grandma’s recipe, but only uses healthier ingredients – replacing wheat flour with oat bran, for example.

3. Cornmeal fit cake

Here, a perfect companion for coffee in the late afternoon: a delicious cornmeal cake, taught by the nutritionist, which is super cute.

4. Fit banana cake

This is a zero-sugar and lactose-free option, which uses bananas as a star. In addition, it has an extra taste given by cinnamon, which is thermogenic.

5. Caramelized banana fit cake

Who said caramelized bananas can’t be fit? In this recipe, you’ll discover how to make a caramelized banana cake with oatmeal, made straight in the blender. Too easy!

6. Peanut Fit Cake

If you love peanuts, you will be in love with this gluten-free, light and very healthy recipe. The peanuts are roasted and the finely grated coconut is added, forming a wonderful combination.

7. Fit orange cake

With whole wheat flour and demerara sugar, this recipe is just right. Other ingredients are added, which leave the cake moist and with the citrus flavor of orange.

8. Beetroot fit cake

The recipe is amazing, wholegrain, gluten and lactose free. Plus, it’s great for kids, who will eat beets without even realizing it.

9. Pineapple Fit Cake

Made with a caramelized pineapple syrup, it can’t go bad, right? The recipe also takes pineapple in the dough and will conquer your taste.

10. Chocolate fit cake

For chocoholics on duty, this recipe uses lactose-free powdered chocolate in the dough and syrup – which, in fact, is shiny and appetizing, with coconut milk and demerara sugar.

11. Banana and chocolate fit cake

As you can see, the banana is a wild card and serves as the basis for infinite preparations, as in this chocolate cake. Place the bananas in slices with drops of dark chocolate on top of the cake before taking it to the oven, which guarantees creaminess and a lot of flavor.

12. Nest Milk and Chocolate Fit Cake

This cake brings wonderful texture, appearance and flavor. The nest milk is beaten in a blender with hot water and xylitol to make the syrup. The dough has chocolate powder and it looks amazing.

13. Fit carrot cake

This recipe is easy and inexpensive. In addition, the carrot is very important to give the unique taste and fluffy texture of the cake.

14. Fit apple cake

With an apple and a small banana, the flavor is guaranteed. In addition, add other ingredients to taste to increase, such as raisins and oilseeds.

15. Sweet potato fit cake

One of the favorite ingredients for those who practice physical exercises is the sweet potato, which here gains its space in a fluffy blender cake. In addition, the recipe is gluten and lactose free.

16. Lemon fit cake

Using lactose-free low-fat plain yogurt and three Tahiti lemons, this recipe is dazzling and light. It’s great as a dessert or any time of day.

17. Fit cassava cake with coconut

Look at the coconut one more time around here. That’s because it brings texture and a sensational taste, in addition to being low in calories. In this recipe, the coconut goes both in the dough, with coconut milk and cassava, and on top, to sprinkle.

18. Carob fit cake

In cooking, carob is widely used to replace cocoa, being less caloric and called vegan chocolate. Here, it is used in powder and goes both in the dough and in the ganache, on top of the cake.

19. Chocolate fit cake with sweet potato and oatmeal

Adding the sweet potato and the oatmeal, you have this recipe, which is very nutritious and still has chocolate. It does not contain lactose or gluten and the topping is super creamy.

Did your mouth water? After these diverse cake options, expand your menu with these fit pizza recipes.

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