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First date: how to dress and looks to inspire

Women who are in this phase of dating, flirting, dating and dating, know how difficult it is to choose clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and everything else that involves the production of a look for the first date.

Unlike men who only think about what they are going to wear on the day of the date, many women prepare well in advance for the event. It’s depilation, hydration, manicure, pedicure, dye… and so many other processes that cost money and our precious time.

Only with beauty preparation is it possible to spend “a note”. See: leg, bikini and armpit hair removal R$60, manicure and pedicure R$30, hydration R$25 (average prices) which together cost more than R$100 for just 1 date.

What clothes should I wear?

Apart from beauty treatments, women are also concerned about the clothes they will wear. “What clothes should I wear?” is probably the phrase most heard by friends of those who are getting ready for a first date.

In an attempt to help, the friends are willing to go shopping with the one who is going to meet, or even lend a look for the friend to “shake” at the first impression.

But calm down. All this doubt and difficulty can be minimized when you keep in mind some aspects that you should analyze when choosing the complete look. Weather, time and place of the meeting are determining factors for your look.

An important tip is not to completely change your style to go on a first date. But why? First, because unless you’re really changing your style, on the other dates it’s going to be hard to keep that new style that you just adopted for the first date and that’s going to be awkward. Keep your style, don’t be ashamed of the way you dress. Second, because you need to know if he’s going to like you for who you really are, and that’s going to be difficult if you’re looking like someone else. So be true to yourself.

Tips for getting your first date look right

  • Avoid exaggerated necklines and very short skirts or dresses so as not to fall into vulgarity;
  • Don’t wear high heels if you’re not used to them;
  • Don’t dress for him, dress for you, according to your style and what you like;
  • When in doubt, opt for simplicity – less is more – don’t overdo it with production;
  • Make a makeup and hair that “marry” with the look;
  • Comfort is everything in this moment when you need to feel at ease;
  • Try on possible looks a few days before your first date.

First date during the day

If you and the guy choose to go on a first date in broad daylight, at a picnic, an ice cream shop, a coffee shop, or any other cozy place that allows for a date, you should pay attention to the comfort and practicality of your clothing.

Looks for the summer (day):

If it’s summer, check out some options: shorts + t-shirt, maxi dress or blouse + maxi-skirt, skinny jeans + blouse or leggings + shirt. Combine the look with shoes such as flats, slippers or sandals (low or medium).

Looks for winter (day):

If it’s winter, opt for pieces like cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, shirts and winter dresses. Shorts and tights combinations also match the season. Shoes such as boots, boots, sneakers and sneakers match the winter look.

First date at night

If you choose to go out at night, the options are even wider than those for a day date. However, consider the location. If you go to a restaurant, a more discreet look is the order. In a ballad, you can dare. If you go to a bar or movie theater, make a neat casual production.

Looks for the summer (evening):

In summer, bet on light dresses, embroidered or maxi dresses. Skirt combinations are also an option boot. Bet on heels and the most daring productions.

Looks for winter (night):

In winter, you can make combinations of skinny or flare pants and blouses, cardiagns, hoodies and coats. Or you can also bet on dresses and skirts with tights. Closed-toe shoes and high-top boots or ankle boots are suggestions to match.

Use your creativity and get inspired by the look suggestions to assemble your look for the first date. Do not forget to do a neat makeup, but without exaggeration and arrange your hair according to your preference.

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