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Find out which element represents your gypsy sign and the right sympathy for you

Did you know that it is possible to discover your gypsy zodiac sign just by the date of your birth? Gypsy astrology is represented through cultural elements typical of this people. Next, you will know which item of gypsy culture is associated with your sign and you will also learn how to perform a powerful ritual, which will help you fulfill your desires:

Dagger – 3/21 to 4/20

Tie seven ribbons of different colors together like a braid. Then, wrap this braid around the stem of a red rose and place the flower in a glass of water and a spoon (coffee) of sugar. As soon as the flower withers, pour the water over your feet while you are taking your shower. Wash the braid and tie it to the headboard of your bed. Throw the rose in the trash and reuse the cup normally after washing.

Crown – 4/21 to 5/20

Wash an amethyst stone under running water and let it dry in the sun. Then wrap in blue paper. Holding the package in your hands, offer a prayer to the gypsy Wladimir, asking him to put only good situations in your path. Make the sign of the cross, unwrap the stone and throw the paper in the trash. Amethyst should be kept in a prominent place in your home for as long as you feel it is necessary.

Candeias – 5/21 to 6/20

On a New Moon night, sew a bag using blue fabric and blue thread. Inside it, place the petals of a daisy. Close the open side of the bag and carefully pass through the smoke of a cinnamon incense. Carry this amulet with you whenever you place bets or face difficult situations. Blow the ashes of the incense to the wind when it has finished burning.

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Wheel – 6/21 to 7/21

Write down the following numbers on a piece of yellow paper: 4, 6, 10, 18, 28 and 30. Then, on the same paper, write a prayer of your choice and end with the following sentence: “Dear Gypsy Carmencita, good luck always be by my side and may I count on your protection at all times”. Keep the paper inside your wallet or purse for as long as you need to. If you want, you can bet on these numbers.

Star – 7/22 to 8/22

On a piece of pink paper, write positive words such as love, faith, prosperity, abundance, luck, health, hope… On the back, write the following sentence: “Gypsy Magdalena, who has the key that opens all doors, show me where to go to reach true happiness”. Fold the paper and bury it in a pot or garden that has, if possible, hydrangeas planted. Otherwise, it may be in a well-flowered garden.

Bell – 8/23 to 9/22

Spread jasmine petals on a piece of white fabric. Light a jasmine incense on the side, and as it burns, think about the good things you would like to see happen in your life. When the incense has finished burning, throw the ashes on top of the petals and close the fabric, forming a bag. Carry the amulet with you until you get what you want, then throw it in the trash.

Currency – 9/23 to 10/22

Write the following numbers on purple paper: 3, 12, 15, 18, and 20. Fold the paper over and leave the paper under a tourmaline stone for ten days. After this time, wash the stone under running water and place it in the highest place in your house, next to a vase of violets. Load the paper with the numbers in the wallet. Every time you play games and bets, hold this paper, which is now your amulet, with your right hand.

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Dagger – 10/23 to 11/21

On a Full Moon night, hold some lady-of-the-night flowers in your hands and, looking up to the sky, say: “Shulamite Gypsy, protect and guide me on the path of prosperity and love. May I always be in good company”. Wrap the flowers in a blue cloth and store for three days in a drawer where no one moves. Then throw it all in the trash.

Machado – 11/22 to 12/21

Write a letter to the gypsy Sandro, describing to him all your dreams. When you’re done, say, “So I hope it helps me on this journey.” Store the paper under a vase of violet until you get what you want. When this happens, burn the letter very carefully so as not to injure yourself and mix the ashes with the soil in the vase.

Horseshoe – 12/22 to 1/20

Place three lilies on top of a piece of red fabric. Light three red candles on a saucer and think that you will be successful in everything you do from now on. When the candles have finished burning, add the remains of wax to the flowers, place on top of the cloth and close, with a red thread, forming a bag. Then say the prayer you prefer and bury the patuá in a flower garden or vase. The saucer, after washing, can be used as usual.

Cup – 1/21 to 2/19

Leave a transparent crystal outdoors, receiving the rays of the sun and moon, for four days. After this time, wash the stone in a mixture of water and coarse salt. Light a tangerine incense and pass the crystal in the smoke, carefully, thinking that you will be lucky in work, in games and also in love. Leave the crystal in a place that is close to the front door of your house and blow the incense ashes to the wind.

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Chapel – 2/20 to 3/20

Add a handful of petals of several yellow flowers and soak in a liter of water with a pinch of sugar for 15 minutes. Once that time has passed, place the petals in the sun and, when they are dry, wrap them in yellow fabric along with an onyx stone. Carry the amulet with you whenever you need protection. The water must be poured into a garden.

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