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Find out what it means to dream about crying – Blog

Crying is liberating. We often watch a sad movie and when we see it, we can’t stop crying. This happens because, without realizing it, we release all the tensions and frustrations of everyday life during crying. After a crying crisis we feel tired, but also light and calmer, don’t we?

But what does it mean when we dream of crying? Are we suffering from something? Could it be a bad omen? That’s what we’re going to talk about now.

What does it mean to dream about crying?

To dream that you are crying with sadness

This is your unconscious’s way of venting repressed emotions, fears and sadness. Let the crying come and find balance during your nights sleep. Another possible meaning for dreaming about crying is that your sex life is very lukewarm and needs a little spice. How about an aphrodisiac dinner to warm up the mood?

dream of crying with happiness

Crying with happiness indicates that you need to let your intuition speak louder. Especially if you need to make an important decision, close your eyes and silence your reason for a while. Listen to your heart and the answer will come.

Dreaming that someone else is crying

This dream could signify a partnership with an innovative person, who will add a lot in your life. It could be a new love, a partner at work or a new friendship. The important thing is to enjoy everything it brings and grow with it.

Dream about a crying child

If you dream that a child is crying, do not worry. It’s not a bad sign! Quite the opposite. It indicates surprises on the way, both in love life and family life. Who knows, maybe a baby will come to brighten the house?

wake up crying

When we wake up we cry and we don’t remember what happened in the dream, it means that we have repressed hurts or some trauma that we need to deal with. It’s time to take stock of life and see what ails you so much, put an end to what’s wrong. Living with heartache only brings more suffering and even delays our achievements and achievements.

These are some meanings of dreaming about crying. To know more details, look for one of our specialists and tell us more details, both about your dream and your life. That way he will make an assertive reading and even give tips on how to deal with your emotions.

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