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Find out how to get the coppery auburn hair of your dreams

Anyone who likes bolder hair with very different colors will love these coppery cashew ideas full of power and style. Below, you will find everything from online products to buy, to ways to paint at home and ideas to inspire you and start planning the next radical change!

What is the color of coppery mahogany

With a more closed shade of red, the coppery cashew is an incredible option for those who want to change their look and invest in a different color. It changes according to the ink brands, and can vary between 6.54 and 65. So be careful! Here are some great tips for you to get inspired. Check out:

5 stores with products to make your auburn hair beautiful and very shiny

To give you that little help, we’ve separated the best sites that sell different brands of dye to invest in your coppery auburn hair. In addition to different brands, it also has undertones of this beautiful and vibrant color. Choose your favorite and leave it in the shopping cart!

  1. Color and Ton Tincture, at Embelleze Store
  2. Copper Acaju 6.54, in the Amazon Store
  3. Coppery mahogany 64, at Lojas Americanas
  4. Coppery mahogany toner, at Lojas Americanas
  5. Koleston copper mahogany, at Lojas Americanas

Did you choose your favorite product? So now, run to schedule the salon or venture to dye your hair at home. But, remember to always do a good hydration to keep the wires soft and silky, ok?

20 photos of auburn hair color that will make you dye your locks right now

Still don’t know which shade of coppery mahogany suits you best? So, be sure to check out these photos with different models for inspiration and start thinking about which color has more to do with your style. Just take a look:

1. Coppery cashew is a beautiful color

2. And that suits different tastes and styles

3. It can give a variety

4. Some shades are more reddish

5. And others more brown

6. He looks super youthful and empowered

7. Matching all skin tones

8. And haircuts

9. This color is perfect for those who like to innovate

10. Even more in vibrant colors

11. Because he’s all glitz and glam

12. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight

13. Wavy

14. Or curly

15. This color will definitely match the locks

16. But always remember to keep your hydration up to date

17. This ensures soft hair

18. And it still prolongs the tincture

19. So invest in a tone you love

20. And rock it!

With these beautiful and very stylish ideas, it’s easier to know which tone and color looks good on you, isn’t it? To give that value to your coppery cashew, the tip is also to invest in a really cool cut, which can go from classic to something more modern. That’s up to you!

How to dye auburn hair

Don’t want to make an appointment at the salon? No problems! Next, we show you 3 videos with the right step by step on how to get the coppery mahogany tone in your home. But attention: be sure to see the full tutorials and follow all the tips, huh! So, your final result is flawless and your hair looks spectacular!

coppery mahogany 6.54

How about investing in the famous coppery mahogany 6.54? With a more coppery tone, this dye promises to please the taste of different women. Beautiful, classic and discreet it looks good with any skin tone and haircut. It’s worth checking out the full video!

coppery mahogany 64

Those who prefer 64 copper auburn can play in this video that teaches you how to get the perfect color and without secrets. Very important: don’t forget to let the product act according to the time indicated on the package and then apply a good hydration mask to ensure the softness of the wires, ok?

Coppery cashew for a more discreet redhead

You may already know, but there are countless shades of red out there! And those who like a more coppery acaju color will love this video. In it, you learn to dye your hair with a beautiful one, right there in your house. The secret is to invest in a good dye brand and take care of hydration – and of course, take good care of the dye so that it lasts longer.

Impossible not to fall in love with these vibrant and beautiful colors, isn’t it? Enjoy and also check out these dark red hair ideas full of power!

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