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Family protection prayer: learn how to pray for your family members

The family is our base and our point of support. Thus, we always try to bring the best to her, so that nothing happens to these people we love so much. Therefore, praying so that you can conquer all possible blessings is always a great option.

You already know the family protection prayer? Learn some versions to intercede for your home, attracting victory, health, wisdom and love.

Powerful prayer to protect the family

With this prayer to protect the family, it is possible to give thanks, ask for wisdom, health, love and protection for the home, learn to do it now:

“Lord we praise you for our family and we thank you for your presence in our home. Enlighten us so that we will be able to make our faith commitment in the church and participate in the life of our community. Teach yourselves to live your word and the new commandment of love.

Grant us the ability to recognize our differences in age, gender, character, to help each other, to forgive each other’s weaknesses, understand our mistakes and live in harmony. Give us, Lord, good health, jobs with a fair salary and a home where we can live happily.

Teach us to treat the most needy and poor well and give us the grace to accept illness and death with faith when they come to our family. Help us to respect and encourage the vocation of each one and also of those whom God calls to his service. May in our family, Lord and bless our home and always. Amen.”

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Through the help of the oracles, you can understand what obstacles will come your way, how to overcome them in the best possible way and you still receive tips on sympathy, baths and much more very powerful protection rituals.

Prayer of protection for the family and thanks for the blessings

If you want a prayer to protect the shortest family, this is a good option. Although brief, be sure to thank and ask everyone for protection.

“My Jesus,
My greatest friend.
Bless everyone I love.
Bless all my family. in your infinite goodness, grant them health and tranquility.
Keep them night and day, Close to Your heart.
Give them strength, peace and joy and may they always live in your peace.

Family prayer – the full version of the prayer of protection

The “family prayer” is a more complete version of the first prayer. However, this time the prayer to protect the family also asks for thanks and prayers to Our Lady Aparecida, patroness of Brazil.

“Lord, our God and our Father, we praise you for the family we have and thank you for your presence in our home. Enlighten us so that we are able to assume our commitment to your son Jesus, your word and your commandment of love, following the example of the family of Nazareth.

Grant us the ability to understand our differences, to help each other, forgive our mistakes and live happily. Teach us to share what we have with the most needy and impoverished, and give us the grace to accept illness and death with faith and serenity when they approach our family. Help us to respect and encourage our children’s vocation when you want to call them to your service.

May trust, dialogue, fidelity, mutual respect reign in our family, so that love may strengthen and unite us more and more. Stay in our family, Lord, and bless our home. Give our children purity and holiness and grant them the grace to overcome the vices that destroy life and peace.

Lady Aparecida, you who are Mother and Queen of the Brazilian people, bless our families, keep us in the path of Jesus, your son and return to us your affectionate mother’s look, today and always. Amen!”

Psalm 93: the psalm for family protection

Reading and studying the Bible has the power to strengthen you and your family. Make Psalm 93 your prayer; if you want, leave an open Bible on this page in a common place, such as the living room.

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“The Lord reigns. He clothed himself in majesty; the Lord put on power and girded himself. He has established the world, which does not waver.

From of old your throne is firm; you are from eternity.

The rivers lift up, O Lord, the rivers lift up their roaring; the rivers lift up their roar.

But the Lord on high is mightier than the roaring of the great waters, than the mighty billows of the sea.

Most faithful are your testimonies; holiness belongs to your house, O Lord, forever and ever.”

Grabovoi sequence for family protection

Have you heard of the Grabovoi method?

This is the surname of a student of numerology, well known in the modern mystical milieu. Russian in nature, Grigory Grabovoi is recognized as one of the greatest mediums of recent times. His studies have already contributed to the formation of thousands of people.

Grabovoi numbers, as their number sequences are known, explain the meaning of life, the role of man, diseases and much more. According to the scholar, for the numbers to have an effect, it is sometimes necessary to memorize the sequence, and repeat the sequence.

To learn more about the method and learn about the Grabovoi sequence for family protection, check out the following video on the YouTube channel:

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