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Fake bangs: 35 photos to inspire you to change your look without fear

Have you ever thought about changing your haircut, but without having to face the scissors? That’s what women who bet on fake bangs have done.

This is a great option for those who want a different look without compromise, using their own hair or extensions. See below for more information and some ideas on how to wear faux bangs.

35 inspirations on how to wear fake bangs

There are several options on the market and you can find the one that best matches your natural hair and the look you want to adopt. Check it out below:

1. Kendall Jenner has already bet on fake bangs

2. Camila Coelho also took care of her hairstyle with bangs

3. It’s a great option to change your look for a day

4. Buns get a different look with a highlighted fringe

5. The bangs help frame the face

6. It can even be a shorter fringe

7. Who is also full of personality

8. Or a really big bangs

9. With irregular and modern cut

10. It has fringe models for all types of faces

11. And for all hair types

12. Fringes for curly hair are a charm

13. Don’t you think so either?

14. Inspiration for women with dyed hair

15. Bows and bangs are a great combination

16. Option with locks? We also have

17. Mixing hair tones looks beautiful

18. Beautiful blonde bangs inspiration

19. Be with your hair up

20. Or loose

21. Fringes fit with any production

22. And you can use it on a daily basis

23. In stripped looks

24. It doesn’t matter what your face shape is

25. Or your hair color

26. You will find a model that will look perfect on you

27. Accessories are also a good option

28. They help compose the production

29. And pass on delicacy

30. It can be a test for the definitive cut

31. Or just to change for a day

32. There is no age to wear bangs

33. What matters is that you feel stunning

34. Because it doesn’t matter the model or size of the fringe

35. She will make you even more beautiful

how to make fake bangs

YouTube tutorial videos are great for those of you who want to learn better how to do something. We’ve separated some really cool ones for you to learn. Look that:

Curls and bangs in the wind

In this video, Jessica Mello teaches step by step how to make fake bangs using your own curly hair. Believe me, it’s simpler than it sounds and you can do it at home, by yourself. The secret is the staples!

hairstyles with bangs

Dilaine brings, in this tutorial, two ways for you to make that fringe using your own locks. In the first one, you will make a bun to “hide” the bobby pins you use. The second hairstyle is to be used with a cap, ideal for cold days.

Applying powerful bangs

In this tutorial, you will learn how to cut a fringe in a tic-tac appliqué. In addition, Camila teaches you tricks on how to style your hair to achieve a supernatural look.

Fringe ready

This tutorial is for you who choose practicality. Gessica shows you step by step how to put on a ready-made fringe appliqué. She also shows you which care in handling the wires makes your appliqué more malleable and beautiful.

So, did you like the fake fringe inspirations? Whether with your own hair or with an extension, they are great for you to find out how you look with this hairstyle that never goes out of style. If you like it and want a definitive change, here’s how to cut your own bangs.

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