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Face Soap: The First Step to a Perfect Skincare Routine

Facial skin care starts with facial soap, essential for cleaning and purification. In addition, the product prepares the skin for the other products that will be added to the skincare routine. If you want to know how to choose the ideal product for you, keep reading the article.

What exactly is a facial soap?

The facial soap is specific for the skin of the face and contains agents that do not attack and make an effective, but at the same time, gentle cleansing.

It differs from body soap, which is often not specific. Also, you can use a moisturizing soap on your body, but if you have oily skin, for example, you may need a more astringent on your face. Check out the advantages that dermatologist Dr. Anna Clara Gaspar (CRM-RJ 98217-2) selected:

Advantages of using facial soap

  • It promotes cleaning and it is very important to perform it at least twice a day, to remove impurities and excess oil;
  • It helps in hydration and protection, as it promotes the recovery of the skin barrier, being a strong ally of dry skins by having a moisturizing composition with elements such as: allantoin, urea and vegetable oils;
  • Prevents aging, as some soaps contain antioxidants that delay aging, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, among others;
  • It acts in the prevention of skin inflammations, such as acne, as soaps that contain sulfur, glycolic acid and retinoic acid, for example, form a barrier against microorganisms. This barrier prevents the entry of these microorganisms into the sebaceous gland.

After knowing these advantages, it is necessary to know the main types of facial soaps and their indications.

Types of facial soap and how to choose yours

Among the many options available for facial soap, it is difficult to choose the best one. Therefore, Dr. Anna Clara helped us explain what each one is for.

  • Cleansing gel: because it contains astringent substances, it is mainly indicated for oily skin, as it reduces excess oil and acne formation.
  • Liquid soap: suitable for all skin types. For dry skin, it is ideal that it contains moisturizing components. For oily and mixed skins, it must have anti-oil substances. In addition, it has a pH close to the skin. So it’s not irritating.
  • Bar soap: it is suitable for mixed and oily skins, because it acts deeply on the skin. With a more alkaline pH – that is, higher -, it prevents excess oiliness.
  • Micellar soap: according to the dermato, this type has in its structure small oil molecules suspended in water, attracting everyday impurities. It is a post makeup option, ideal for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Cleansing foam: gently cleanses the skin and, as it has a generally fresh scent, it is suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, it does not leave a tight feeling after washing.
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As you can see, to choose a facial soap, you should keep an eye on its components and its indication. Below, we have chosen some of our favorite products that work best for each skin type.

8 best facial soaps

How to choose the best facial soaps for your skin? Write down these product tips that work great!

1. La Roche Posay Effaclar Deep Cleansing Gel Concentrate: best for oily and combination skin

Effaclar Concentrate promotes deep cleansing to unclog pores and control oiliness. The best thing about this product is that, despite the anti-oil action, the skin doesn’t get tight, because the effect is just right.

“Promotes the reduction of oiliness, unclogging pores and has high yield.” – Jessica Flores

2. Avène Cleanance Gel: best for acne-prone skin that is sensitized

Due to its smoothing and antioxidant action, cleanance gel is perfect for acne-prone skin, those that are sensitized and need a mattifying effect.

“Promotes skin cleansing and purification, has smoothing and antioxidant action, in addition to mattifying effect.” – Patty Lye

3. Granado Baby Glycerin Soap: best for irritated skin

The soap promotes an effective cleaning, but very gentle without any aggression, being great for irritated and sensitive skins. It is hypoallergenic, plant-based and not tested on animals.

“Promotes gentle cleansing, has the same pH as the skin and is hypoallergenic.” – Ju Lopes

4. Nivea MicellAIR Facial Soap with rose water: best recommendation for normal skin

Nivea soap is multifunctional: it removes waterproof makeup, cleans, refreshes and prepares the skin for makeup. Plus, it has a delicious rose scent.

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“Removes waterproof makeup, promotes cleansing and freshness, as well as preps the skin for makeup.” – Joyce Vignochi

5. Normaderm Phytosolution Cleansing Gel, by Vichy: best for reducing imperfections.

It is made with ingredients of vegetable origin with the presence of minerals, such as zinc and copper, to regulate oiliness. In addition, there is the probiotic derivative that regenerates the skin’s defenses.

“Composed of plant-based ingredients as well as minerals such as zinc and copper, as well as probiotics.” – Carol Ramos

6. Actine Soap for Acne Skin: best for acne and seborrhea sufferers

Specially developed for the skin of Brazilian women, actine soap is enriched with aloe vera that helps in the healing of wounds caused by acne. It has a refreshing action and unclogs pores. In addition, it contains salicylic acid, which promotes anti-inflammatory action.

“Controls oiliness, has a minty and refreshing sensation, and has anti-inflammatory action.” – Cami Skora

7. Adcos Vitamin C Brightening Soap: best for mature skin

In addition to cleaning and revitalizing, this soap brings an illuminating action. Because it contains vitamin C and ferulic acid, the product also stimulates collagen synthesis, which helps to reduce wrinkles, reinforcing the support and firmness of the skin.

“It acts in the revitalization of the skin, contains vitamin C and minimizes the effects of daily aggressions to the skin.” – Marina Fabri

8. Darrow Nutriol Liquid Soap: best for dry skin

Suitable for dry skin, Nutriol has dermoenergizing assets that leave the skin soft and help with hydration, fighting dryness. It is ideal for daily hygiene with lots of nutrition.

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“Promotes intensive nutrition, prevents dryness and has dermoenergizing assets.” – Nath Souza

Final questions about facial soap

We also asked the dermatologist some questions about the use of facial soaps.

  • What does a facial soap need to have? For each skin type, a specific soap is recommended by the dermatologist, but it is important that the pH is close to that of the skin and that it preferably contains natural extracts in high concentration (chamomile, oatmeal, grapefruit, calendula).
  • And what ingredients can he not have? It is essential that they are free of sulfates and parabens that are irritating to the skin.
  • Can you wash your face with glycerin soap? This type can be used by those with normal skin and is very suitable for children. That’s because, it’s moisturizing, emollient and maintains the skin’s natural moisture.
  • Can you wash your face with baby soap? Yes, as long as the pH is equal to 7 and is identified on the product packaging, being neutral or pH balanced. Therefore, it is indicated for normal skin that has a pH equal to 7. Therefore, it does not cause irritation and does not make the skin more acidic.
  • What is the indication of sulfur soap? It is used to fight acne and excess oil, as it helps to remove dead skin cells. In addition, it helps to unclog pores, which reduces the formation of acne.

We realize that facial soap is an ally of healthy, lively skin that reflects your daily care. To learn more about this type of subject, see skincare tips.

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