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Expert gives 6 important tips for a job interview

The search for a good job is often a long road. Some people even tend to get discouraged when they see that, despite a good resume, with proven previous experience, they can’t be called for the desired position.

Most of the time there is no clear explanation for this, after all, alongside you, there are millions of people looking for a good job. And that’s exactly why your chance may take a little longer to arrive. However, in some cases, the biggest problem may be at the time of the job interview.

A good resume is useless if the person has difficulties expressing himself or behaving in a job interview.

With that in mind, here are some important tips on how to act and what not to do in a job interview to achieve better results. These details are worth paying attention to:

1. Dress appropriately

According to Angélica Nogueira, HR manager at Catho – a job site that works as a channel between the candidate and HR companies or consultancies -, to dress appropriately, the best thing to do is research the company’s environment and culture, before going to the interview. “In general, for women, a neutral-colored suit or suit, pumps, light makeup and discreet accessories are more suitable,” she says.

The professional explains that women should avoid cleavage, heavy makeup, transparent pieces and “nightclub clothes”. “In less classic places, jeans can be worn, but not ripped or very faded ones, the understated style remains”, she highlights.

2. Bet on light makeup

A very frequent question among women is whether or not they can put on makeup to go to a job interview. Angélica Nogueira explains that they can, yes, do makeup, as long as it is basic and light. “For this occasion, it is recommended to use neutral shadows, light lipsticks and be careful with the blush, not to exaggerate and draw too much attention. In these cases, makeup serves to even out the face and hide imperfections,” she highlights.

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3. Show off well-made nails

Your hands will be clearly seen by the interviewer, so they should be well made. Prefer nail polishes with more discreet colors or bet on a francesinha.

4. Keep your hair presentable

The fact that the woman wears her hair loose or tied at the time does not interfere with the interview. However, “it is necessary that the hair is well clean and tidy. They can be tied up (in a ponytail or bun) or loose,” says Angélica.

Also according to the professional, it is good to avoid too many accessories, such as hairpins and shiny tiaras.

5. Be a good listener

Angélica Nogueira explains that it is very important that the candidate is a good listener and does not interrupt the interviewer. “After answering the questions, she will be able to remove her doubts regarding the role, company and other information about the vacancy. Such an attitude is considered positive and shows interest on the part of the candidate. Therefore, one should say what is necessary so that the interview does not become a problem,” she says.

6. Have a good posture

Angélica Nogueira highlights that body posture is also evaluated by the recruiter at the time of the interview. “The candidate must sit correctly, gesture only as necessary and have an upright posture. Looking into the interviewer’s eyes is essential, as it conveys confidence and creates empathy. If the interviewer greets you with a handshake, be firm, show reassurance,” she says.

“Avoid moving around all the time and crossing your arms, as this can show disinterest”, adds Catho’s HR manager.

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what not to do

In addition to the guidelines already mentioned, Angélica Nogueira remembers other actions that should not be done during a job interview:

  • Answer your cell phone during the interview;
  • Gesturing a lot;
  • Changing position in the chair all the time and moving hands and legs nonstop;
  • Talk and laugh out loud;
  • Stand with your arms crossed or your body leaning back;
  • Arrive late;
  • To speak ill of former bosses;
  • Lying about work experience and knowledge.

With all these tips you can already feel safer to go to a job interview! But remember that perseverance is also very important when it comes to winning a good spot. Sometimes, even if you have a good resume and do well in the interview, you may not get called. But, for sure, new interviews will come up and you will have the opportunity to find the job you want!

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