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Enough hair! How to do permanent hair removal at home

If there’s something that annoys women a lot, it’s putting on a skirt in a hurry, glancing at your leg and remembering that you forgot to remove those unwanted hairs. For those who choose to shave, life is like that. Periodically, you have to surrender to the blade or the care of a good epilator to keep your leg, armpits, upper lip and groin always smooth.

But for those who can’t stand having to worry about it anymore, a good option is to resort to permanent hair removal. There’s no way around it, the sessions are expensive and don’t offer a total guarantee that the hair will never come back. What to do then?

Many women are choosing to do permanent hair removal by themselves, at home, using devices and techniques available on the market.

This may be a more economical idea, but it is necessary to pay attention to the care and risks involved in this choice to make this decision with conscience.

“It is important to point out that appliances for home use do not have the same power as professionals. In an ideal situation of white skin with black hair, shaving at home can work. In other situations, evaluation and follow-up by a professional is necessary, since it is a risky procedure”, ponders Adriana Benito, dermatologist at Pró-Corpo Estética.

In this way, the best option is to go through a consultation with the dermatologist before doing any procedure independently. This is also the most suitable professional to help choose the most suitable technique for you. Discover the two most popular:

1. Laser

How it works? Light beams are fired against the skin, definitively destroying the hair root. Carolina Chimatti, specialist in Dermato-Functional Physiotherapy at BIOSET, explains that the laser is monochromatic and more focused.

Positive points: Fast result, need for fewer sessions.

Negative points: Causes more pain, can only be used in low phototypes (lighter skins).

2. Pulsed Light

How it works? It is emitted and filtered by a device until it is directed to the target to be treated (hair, stains and even spider veins), explains Adriana. “By penetrating the skin, light is attracted to the pigment and releases heat. Localized heating causes total or partial destruction of the fur.”

Positive points: More modern technique, practically painless and applicable to any skin type (any skin tone).

Negative points: Needs two or three more sessions to achieve the same results as laser.

precautions to be taken

If, after consulting a dermatologist, your option is permanent hair removal at home, Carolina alerts you to some fundamental points to consider:

  1. Before buying, check if the chosen device is registered with Anvisa;
  2. Check light power and contraindications;
  3. Do not apply the product on tanned skin;
  4. Do not use the product if you are taking photosensitizing medications;
  5. Do not apply the product several times in the same place so as not to burn yourself. Respect the recommended interval between applications.

In addition, it is very important to check all application instructions in the device manual so that the procedure is done safely and effectively. Also remember: no technique is miraculous. Avoid creating unrealistic expectations about the result, as it does not appear immediately, but throughout the sessions. And consult your dermatologist before starting any permanent hair removal procedure, whether at home or in aesthetic centers.

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