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Enjoy the barbecue without weight on your stomach or conscience

Do you know what barbecue, feijoada, pizza and other heavy dishes have in common? It’s just that whenever you eat in any amount, in addition to weighing on your stomach, they always end up weighing on your conscience. And we have to agree that whenever we are invited to taste any of these delights, it is almost impossible to control the mouth eating just until you are satisfied. As they are not dishes we eat every day, we always end up enjoying a little more.

And the pain in the conscience is almost always accompanied by a certain uneasiness and indisposition that contribute to increase our sense of guilt. This is because fatty foods are often more difficult to digest. In addition to taking longer to process, fat molecules require the stomach to produce a greater amount of acids, but this amount is not always enough to digest all the fat, which causes food to reach the duodenum before it is released. be completely digested.

So that you can enjoy your barbecue better without suffering from indigestion, we have prepared some tips. With so much variety of meat and flavorful sides, it’s hard to resist taking a little home, but with a little discipline, you can enjoy your barbecue better without feeling bad afterwards.

1 – Before starting with the meats, prefer to start with the salads, making a well-prepared dish with green leaves, vinaigrette, vegetables and vegetables seasoned with olive oil. This technique increases the feeling of satiety and helps to release the toxins present in eating meat.

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2 – Choose the meat you are going to eat well, if you don’t know how to identify it, it’s worth asking the grill. Cuts such as titty, rump, filet mignon and flank steak are lighter than the irresistible picanha, which even when we remove the apparent fat, it still has fat between the fibers, just like the cupum, ribs and pork sausages. If the barbecue has options such as chicken or roasted fish, be sure to eat these meats in larger quantities, as they have a lower fat level than red meats and are easier to digest.

3 – Barbecue is all about beer and that caipirinha, but if you don’t want to attack your stomach, control your intake of this and any other types of alcoholic beverages and also soft drinks, because even the lights have high concentrations of substances chemicals. The ideal is to accompany the barbecue with natural juices, but if you can’t resist a beer, for example, alternate with glasses of water or juice to avoid dehydration.

4 – At dessert time, avoid overloading your body with sweets such as mousses, pies, quidins, pavês and other delicacies that are usually greasy and are not good company for a barbecue. Prefer fruits like pineapple, which in addition to being healthy, collaborate with the process of digestion of proteins and fats.

5 – At the steakhouse, avoid choosing side dishes such as French fries, fried dumplings, rice and bread on the same plate. Choose just one type of carb and if you want more than one, serve yourself in small amounts.

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6 – Eat slowly and chew well, especially meats to stimulate the stomach to produce the acids necessary for the digestion of food and accelerate metabolism.

7 – After a day of excesses, the next day, the ideal is to take it easy and treat the stomach with affection. To detoxify the body, drink plenty of water and consume less carbohydrates and abuse citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, fiber and dark leaves, which have an antioxidant function. Those who are adept at teas can relieve the feeling of a full stomach and fluid retention by drinking hibiscus and porangaba tea.

To avoid indigestion in any situation, the tip is to avoid exaggeration. Eating sparingly and properly, you will always be ready to enjoy all barbecues, feijoadas, pizzas and any other gastronomic events with elegance and without guilt.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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