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Embroidered shirts: for all occasions and styles

The shirt can even be a more formal piece of clothing, but its version with embroidery – in applications such as sequins, pearls, sequins and spikes – has been increasingly successful in fashion, proving that it can be used in different occasions and styles. .

During the day, however, it is worth being careful with the choice of application, avoiding that the production is loaded, as explained by the fashion and information consultant, Evelyn Bonorino. “It is almost natural and intuitive for today’s consumer to choose a timeless or neutral piece when choosing to wear an embroidered shirt during the day.”

And Evelyn also warns of one more thing to be careful about when choosing your shirt, whether to wear it in the afternoon, at work or at nightclubs. “Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings must be “tested” in the composition, as embroidery can directly fight with them. Embroidered cuffs and bracelets, for example, fight! Choose a good ring”, emphasizes the consultant.

How to match the bottom

When choosing the bottom, the fashion consultant’s main tip is to always remember that the embroidered shirt is the piece that carries the most information about the look, so the entire production must be assembled accordingly. “Everything should revolve around the shirt to achieve the best harmony of fabric colors and textures,” she declares.

If the case is to opt for a printed bottom or accessory, Evelyn suggests that this choice be made even more carefully. “A print already has an “information”, and when there is the option of placing but an “information” it is necessary to have subtlety and proportion, as it may happen that the print does not have the expected prominence in relation to the embroidery and vice versa.”

Applications to bet

It is not just now that shirts with embroidery have attracted the attention of consumers, as the specialist says. “Culturally, Brazilian women like to wear elaborate and illuminated pieces, and brands already understanding this consumer habit have been investing in these products for about 2 years.” And anything goes, like applications on the cuffs, collars, shoulders, sleeves and wherever else your imagination allows. “Embroidery is being applied in different parts, but what I have enjoyed the most are the ones used on transparent canvas or prints.”, confesses Evelyn.

Three looks with embroidered shirts

Evelyn created combinations of shirts with embroidery for three different moments of our day. It is worth getting inspired by the looks and playing without fear in this new trend.

for day to day

To the work

For the night

Where to buy

The shirts with applications became a hit among Brazilian women and several stores invested heavily in collections with the pieces. In the showcase below you can see several of these shirts with a variety of styles and prices.

In the look of bloggers

The bloggers also liked and strongly adhered to the embroidered shirts, with pearls, sequins, sparkles and stones among their favorite applications. Check out some of these productions in the selection below and get inspired by the combinations to assemble your next looks.

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