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Dressing table: get inspired by this decorative and functional object

Originating in the 15th century, the dressing table is a piece of furniture that continues to enchant women to this day. With the initial function of providing a place reserved for royal women to beautify themselves, it became an essential item for the most vain.

It can be located in the bedroom, closet or even in the bathroom, having a dressing table at home is a good option to keep beauty items organized, as well as ensuring daily time for personal care.

If in the past it was common to put on makeup and perform beauty care while standing in front of the mirror, with this piece of furniture this process becomes much easier and more pleasurable. With a mirror, the dressing table can guarantee a more feminine look to the environment.

In addition to reserving space for makeup and cosmetics, this piece of furniture can also be very useful for storing personal items such as perfumes and jewelry, facilitating access to these objects.

Since its inception, it has undergone changes in its design and style, and can be found in different sizes, colors and models, easily pleasing the most varied tastes. Here are some of the most common dresser models:

dressing room dressing table

Current darling, this type of dressing table can have different sizes, as long as your mirror is accompanied by a set of lights to illuminate when using it. Common presence in theater and cinema dressing rooms, the ideal is to mix yellow and white lights to achieve a result faithful to natural light.

classic dressing table

The classic model, also known as Provençal, has details and designs in the wood that refer to the baroque decoration. With a fixed mirror, you can conquer the most romantic ones with small details full of charm such as a differentiated handle or a stool with printed upholstery. To update the look, invest in vibrant colors and contemporary accessories.

retro dressing table

With straight lines and few curves, this model resembles the dressing tables available in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, with stylish handles, a single and fixed mirror or even three mirrors, with a larger one in the middle and two smaller articulated ones in each. side. Like the previous model, you can get colors to make the look more relaxed.

makeshift dressing table

A good option for those who do not have a dressing table but do not give up the space reserved for personal care. Here any piece of furniture or corner of the environment can become a dressing table, just have space to accommodate the beauty items and a good mirror to facilitate their handling.

dressing table in the bathroom

Ideal for those who have a bathroom with generous measures, adding the dressing table to the bathroom can make it easier to beautify yourself. Here, some care with beauty items is valid, as frequent exposure to moisture can shorten their useful life.

Regardless of your favorite style, available space and budget, it is possible to conquer the dressing table of your dreams, just know your personal taste and choose the one that best fits your preferences.

10 dressers to buy online

Despite being available in most furniture stores, it is possible to find beautiful models in online stores, making it easier to search for the ideal dressing table. Check out a selection of beautiful models below:

  1. La Paz dressing table, at Americanas
  2. Tecno White dressing table, at Mobly
  3. Dressing Table With Mirror Tecno Mobili, at Americanas
  4. Chanel White dressing table, at Móveisaqui
  5. Bijuzinha Snow White Dressing Table, at Americanas
  6. Dresser Dressing Room Politorno Las Vegas, at Extra
  7. Dressing table with JB stool, at Americanas
  8. Dresser Dressing Room Paris Retro, at MPozenato
  9. Dressing Room Dressing Room Suspended Attraction, in Submarino
  10. White Satin dressing table, at Attraktiva

18 more dressers to inspire you

Still have doubts about which dresser model to choose? So check out some environments with varied options of dressing tables and get inspired:

1. Can be accompanied by an upholstered stool

2. Or those who love more contemporary looks

3. Ideal for lovers of antique-looking furniture

4. Or have many drawers and a different mirror

5. Ideal for those who have little space

6. Just have a lid that you can open and close whenever you want

7. You can count on a large mirror

8. Or a smaller model that fulfills its function well

9. Ideal for those who like a glamorous look…

10. … present in different forms

11. Can be made in a brand new model

12. Or even renovating an old dressing table, revamping its look

13. Ideal furniture for those who have plenty of space

14. Or who finds a corner reserved just for her

15. With the possibility of rectangular mirrors

16. Or beautiful circular models

17. Can be made of wood, with cutout and glass

18. There is a charm next to the bed

Ideal option for those who like to have a good time beautifying themselves, the dressing table is the piece of furniture that was missing to complement your daily care routine. Choose the model you like the most and invest in this beautiful and functional furniture now.

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