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Dreaming of news of death: From an acquaintance, unknown and more!

Death is a touchy subject. For many it is not comfortable to think about it and when pronouncing the word “death” it is customary to knock on wood, to rule out this possibility. That’s a certainty, which we don’t like to accept. Losing a loved one hurts and meditating on one’s own death is also scary.

Everyone fears death and, in general, it is a nuisance to have to look at or read about anything involving it. Imagine you, when this symbol appears in a dream! The next day we woke up worried and afraid that it could be a bad omen.

It turns out that there is no reason to despair. Dreaming of news of death is, in fact, a reference that often symbolizes change and phase transition.

Therefore, to demystify the subject and show how this dream has several interesting aspects, this article will address different ways in which the news of death can appear in dreams. Check out!

When the dream is related to someone’s death, the next day, people usually say: “yesterday I had a nightmare”. This is because, for the vast majority of people, dreaming of death is synonymous with a nightmare.

However, the general meaning of this type of dream is related to the word change. It is very likely that the end of a phase and the beginning of a new cycle will occur. Read below some situations about the news of death, with different people and what it can mean.

Dreaming about the death of an acquaintance reveals that this person may soon receive good news. This could mean changes in personal life or career. She can still have a very lucrative period if she has business and ventures in progress.

This dream can also announce that the turbulent period is coming to an end. Gradually, your family life and your health will experience some stability, with no big surprises.

When we receive the news of the death of an unknown person, it does not affect us, because there is no intimacy. Therefore, this dream does not have the same impact as dreaming about the death of an acquaintance or a family member. However, the interpretation of this situation can be interesting.

Understand the unknown, as a possibility of change that you are blocking. As it implies transformation and acceptance of something new, it may be that your unconscious mind is blocking this change.

In this sense, take the moment to perceive the other in a different way, with a new look. Allow yourself to discover new things and don’t let your relationship and career fall into monotony.

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Dreaming of your own death is asking to wake up terrified! However, take it easy, as it is not a bad omen. But, it can be a warning, for you to restart self-care actions. Your personal life is going through a cycle of fragility, so it’s important that you pay attention to your health.

If you’re under pressure, waiting for a promotion at work, or trying to finish a degree, your mind may be exhausted. At this point, it’s best to be patient and try not to rush the results. To conquer something, you need to be up to date, with physical and mental health.

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If you are experiencing a peaceful moment in your relationship, dreaming of your lover’s death does not mean that something bad is about to happen to your loved one.

Quite the contrary, it indicates that your loved one is healthy and going through a phase of prosperity. Therefore, encourage him to take the projects off paper, as good results will be harvested.

Now, if your relationship is going through some trial, this dream means you are confused. Something is stirring up fear and insecurities, and these feelings are troubling you. Focus and try to reflect on what you want from this relationship, so that no one gets hurt.

When you dream about the news of the death of your husband or boyfriend, start thinking about your daily activities and try to identify if there is any compromise. You may be hiding something that needs to come out. Your daily obligations must be exhausting you and you are not able to reveal or ask for help.

Often, our day to day goes into automatic mode. Let’s perform our tasks, without looking if that demand is sucking our health. Think you have people close to you who can help you. But, you need to ask for help otherwise they will think everything is fine.

Dreaming of the death of a friend is unpleasant, but the meaning of this dream is far from something bad. It is, in fact, a very important message, since you may be going through a time of burying old beliefs or personality traits. Enjoy the changes and evolve.

If your friendship with the person seen is shaken, this dream may reveal that you need to reflect on this relationship and weigh the reasons for this imbalance. Solve this, as soon as possible, so that the friendship does not come to an end.

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If you dreamed about the news of a baby’s death, you must be careful. If you have new projects or are doing some planning, stop and reflect. Don’t get discouraged or forget the new ideas, just look more carefully at the changes it can bring to your life.

Our unconscious is full of hidden messages. In this case, the baby represents something new that you are trying to give birth to. But deep down, some insecurity about this is emerging. Hence the news of death. Meditate and take the next step calmly.

The dream is an intermediary of our subconscious. When it is necessary to draw attention to some detail of our daily lives that has gone unnoticed, the dream can be that messenger. Also, he may be preparing you for things that will happen. That is, a warning for you to prepare and face what lies ahead.

In this sense, when dreaming about the death of people in your family, understand that your unconscious wants to talk to you in some way. For this, read below, some interpretations, for dreams involving the death of different family members.

When the news of your mother’s death is certainly a warning for you to review your attitudes within your family group. The maternal figure symbolizes the main point of union of the family. When the dream brings this figure, it points to an important imbalance.

If you are away from the family, to avoid fights, face the situation, without causing conflicts. Solve problems and work on your family relationships, as having a positive relationship with your family can bring you security and maturity.

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The figure of the father is related to the idea of ​​the family provider. The parent is the one who does everything so that his family can have an adequate life. In this sense, dreaming about the news of the father’s death is related to his work.

Dreaming of news of a father’s death symbolizes that your career is no longer promising and that it may be time to seek new possibilities. Maybe it’s time to meditate on new ways to feel good about your profession. Or identify that the current path is no longer promising and some change must be made.

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If you saw the death of a child in your dream, do not be alarmed. Of course, it is uncomfortable to dream of the death of someone as important as a child. But, understand that grief wants to show you that children go through different stages throughout life.

Changes are necessary for the growth and evolution of the child. The dream can reveal that some cycle is ending. Maybe you’re having trouble accepting your child’s new phase of life. Patience! Children grow up and you can’t do anything about it, so it’s better to accept and adapt.

Be happy when you dream about the news of your brother’s death. It seems macabre to think of happiness after such a dream, but the great truth is that it reveals your spiritual growth. Your life is being directed towards a healthier, more balanced and positive phase.

All of this is a sign of good energy and lots of light. Take the opportunity to expand your spiritual side and detach from excessive materialism here on Earth. Try to get even closer to divine and spiritual things.

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Grandparents are related to the childhood of those who have the privilege of living with them. In this case, dreaming of the death of grandparents symbolizes that you are struggling to mature and assume the responsibilities of an adult life. Keep in mind that evolving is a positive thing and will bring you many benefits.

If you didn’t know your grandparents, this dream represents a certain nostalgia for things that never happened. Feeding this is a delay in life. Unlived loves, decisions not made are in the past and should stay there. Live the present and look at those around you with more love.

Dreaming about the news of your aunt’s death means that you are giving up your health. Emotions are being repressed and this is being reflected in illnesses and bodily symptoms. Your high ego is preventing you from realizing the harm you are doing to yourself.

It’s time to try to be lighter and more inspiring, in the family environment and at work. Start being less selfish and start worrying…

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