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Dreaming of a door: open, closed, old, wooden, glass and more!

Doors are symbols of passage. Dreaming of a door means that your life is flowing in a direction that forces you to make a decision on a specific matter. It is something inevitable that presents itself to you, but that makes you apprehensive, as you do not feel prepared for the changes and responsibilities that will arise after that.

The dream also reveals your curiosity and desire to know about the future. This desire is common when we are facing decisive moments. However, if you try to keep predicting the future, you can end up causing your own undoing, because you will be so busy with your ambitions that you will not be able to see and understand your present situation. There are also other specific interpretations of dreaming about doors, and you can check each one of them here.

Dreaming of a door is linked to changes that will happen or that are already underway. Depending on how you interact with the door during the dream, it will reflect a specific interpretation about you and the situations that surround you. See the main ways to interact with a door in dreams and each of their meanings below.

Opening doors symbolizes new opportunities. So, as in the popular saying, dreaming that a door opens indicates that you will have good opportunities in the near future. All of them will be good, but in some cases you will be facing the opportunity of a lifetime and you will have to grab it with all your might if you want to take advantage of it.

This does not mean that other opportunities as good as these will not come. The dream just warns you to be attentive and prepared, always giving your best in all the things you set out to do.

To dream that you open a wrong door means that you realized that you made a wrong decision. This is common, especially if you are only looking at the possible outcomes and not the costs that are included.

A wrong path is not always completely disposable: in some cases you can achieve unexpected gains, and in all cases you can learn valuable lessons for life. Don’t be discouraged. Mistakes happen to everyone, what will define your success is your persistence in the search for personal evolution.

To walk through a door is to make a decision. To dream that you walk through a door indicates your feeling that you cannot go back on what you have already decided. For this, you will have to make a great effort to stick with your choices despite criticism from friends and family.

A new environment and the consequences of what we choose can be scary, but all this discomfort is necessary for you to be able to advance in your purposes until you reach a place of stability and prosperity.

To dream that you walk through a door for the first time indicates that you feel lost and are looking for new meaning in your life. This kind of disorientation happens at various stages of life, especially if you still don’t know your vocation.

You will quickly adapt to the new environment you have entered, but if you do not separate moments of meditation to reflect on your decisions and attitudes, this disorientation will end up stagnating you and preventing you from evolving.

Closed doors symbolize missed opportunities or disappointments caused by the end of a happy and stable moment. Dreaming of them indicates that you are sad that you have lost something valuable to you, and sadder because the situation as a whole has gotten out of your control.

Some things don’t come back, and even if they do, regretting it won’t help you regain your stability and happiness. Have hope, even in the worst case scenario. Only then will you find the strength to continue until you find another open door.

Doors that are locked are synonymous with protection, either for what is inside or for those outside. To dream that you lock a door means that you are facing a dangerous situation and therefore prefer to protect yourself and the people you love.

In this action, some criticize you, because they do not understand the situation as a whole. Try to be firm in your decisions and don’t be convinced by people who just want to criticize you. Always seek to do the best and, in this way, you will also build a strong personality.

To dream that you face a closed door means that you cannot come to terms with the losses you have suffered. Events that ended up destabilizing you in some way still generate limiting behaviors that prevent you from seeking other opportunities.

You must discern when you are fighting a lost cause and stop struggling in vain. Try to cool off and have some fun so that as soon as you get back you will have a rested mind and be ready to solve your problems rationally.

Suddenly closed doors symbolize disappointments and unforeseen events that will come your way. To dream that a door is closed in your face indicates that disappointments will come from people you trust. Some of them will be strong enough to ruin years of work and old relationships.

It’s not a pleasant situation, even if you already knew it could happen. This is not the end, especially if you are strong and flexible enough to forgive and redo the work. If you think it’s worth it, put all your efforts to turn this situation into a good thing.

Another element that influences the meaning are the ways that the doors appear within the dream. Relating each of these meanings that appear in your dream with your reality, you will be able to find the most correct and applicable interpretation for you. See below each of the ways to dream about a door and its respective meaning.

Dreaming of an open door indicates that you are facing a great opportunity that can completely change your life. You feel apprehensive about the changes this situation will bring and fear that you won’t be able to survive in an unfamiliar environment.

Changes will be inevitable and good surprises await you on the other side. You will quickly assimilate this new phase managing to stabilize. Try not to show your insecurities to unknown people; always be firm in your decisions to avoid criticism and attacks from people who don’t know you.

Doors open inward are a sign to the inner, the higher and the transcendent. Dreaming of a door opening inwards shows that you feel a spiritual need and are looking for meaning and inspiration. This is a need for you, which ends up affecting your work life and your relationships.

The dream indicates that this area of ​​your life is about to undergo an upheaval, as you have been paying more attention to it. The dream also reveals that the more you dedicate yourself to your inner life, the more you will reap good results in other areas as well.

Dreaming of a door opening by itself is a good omen. This dream reveals that something very good will happen despite you and your efforts. It is a sign that a more general situation can be used to your advantage. Enjoy the good luck and let that lucky streak carry you closer to your goals.

Situations like these are fickle and can reverse quickly. Therefore, it is imperative that you are attentive and ready to both seize this chance at once, and to retreat when the situation reverses and becomes unfavorable.

Dreaming of a stuck door indicates that you must try harder to achieve something you have been looking for. So, like stuck doors, some things require a lot of effort and more drastic actions to be conquered.

This doesn’t mean you haven’t been trying, just that you’ve been dealing with the situation through traditional means that aren’t effective. To be successful, you will have to look for more unorthodox methods and use your creativity and strength. That way, you’ll notice changes in how people treat you and you’ll gain more respect.

Dreaming of a closed door indicates that what you most want is out of your reach. You feel incapable of achieving some things because of your circumstances and even because of people who have discouraged you since childhood.

Therefore, you have the perception that there is no room for you in the world and you feel lost when you are going to make important decisions. There is a big difference between seeking what is impossible and seeking what is very difficult.

This tension between your reality and your potential can only be resolved through self-knowledge and discovering your own strength. Don’t be in a hurry to reach the end of the line, but go discovering yourself and thus seeking greater challenges instead of limiting yourself in the opinion of others.

Dreaming of a stuck door that won’t close means that there is someone who loves you and fights for you, even if you don’t deserve it. Even if you don’t want help and try to sabotage and isolate yourself from people, because of someone, things still stand.

This situation will not last forever, especially if you keep refusing help and being ungrateful to people who want your best. Stop dwelling on your problems and look around. Be grateful for the opportunities that surround you and repay all the good they do to you; it’s never too late for that.

Old doors are symbols of tradition, rites of passage. Dreaming of an old door indicates that you are about to go through something that your parents have already gone through and that it is a normal phase of life. It is possible that you have been waiting for this moment for many years and that is why you are looking forward to it.

In this case, take the opportunity to talk to people who have experience, this will reassure you. Also, advice from older, more mature people is always valuable so you can avoid the heartache and mistakes that have already been made.

Dreaming of a narrow door means that you are unprepared to take advantage of a future opportunity. And this happens for two reasons at the same time: the first is that it is something more sophisticated, more demanding. The second is that you, because of procrastination and neglect, are stuck and unable to meet the minimum requirements to overcome this situation.

See that nothing in life is so drastic, and you will only remain incapable if you still remain still. The moment you boldly decide whether…

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