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Dream about rain – know the different meanings – Blog

Rain can become a setback for those who live in big cities, which makes us think about it in a negative way. However, sleeping with the sound of falling water and thunder in the distance is a delight, almost a lullaby. But is dreaming about rain also so positive? Basically, rain brings renewal, spiritual cleansing and fertility. It has to do with your more feminine side and intuition. Of course, this all depends on the circumstance of the dream and the stage of life you are in. Does dream of rain is it that good?

In general yes, its meaning is positive. Dreaming of rain brings renewal, spiritual cleansing and fertility. So it has to do with the more feminine and intuitive side. Of course, this all depends on the circumstance of the dream and the stage of life you are in. See more interpretations below.

Rain dream meanings

Dream of light rain – Seeing a light drizzle is a sign that your life has been very slow. She gets out of the routine, distract herself and try to have more fun. This cycle you are living will not do you any good in the future.

Dreaming of heavy rain – This dream indicates that positive changes are about to take place. Surprises will happen, so get organized for this new phase that will start in your life.

Dream about rain and sun at the same time – Ever heard the expression “sun and rain, widow’s wedding”? That’s almost what this dream means. Here comes the party, for a wedding is about to take place. Famous!!!

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Dream about rain and wind – The wind in the dream warns that you should accept advice and opinions from your closest friends, especially regarding work. This will be the ideal time for you to review some of your concepts and attitudes towards colleagues.

Dream about hailstorm – This dream does not have a positive message. It is a warning against someone too close, as he will move away and even bring about his destruction. Beware of falsehood that can surround you.

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Dreaming of storm rain, lightning and thunder – Watch out! This dream is an alert for your financial life. A not-so-good period for business is approaching. Try not to make any big decisions during this time so you don’t get hurt.

Dream about rain in a closed place – To dream that it is raining indoors can be strange or frightening. However, don’t worry. Its message is that you will earn money. This could be a pay raise or an inheritance.

To dream that you are watching the rain – When in your dream you are calmly watching the rain fall, it is a sign of forgiveness. The feeling you are feeling is freedom from something that bothered you so much before, but you let go. Enjoy that feeling and try to take it with you on a daily basis.

Dream about rain from low clouds – If in your dream the clouds are low or are under the rain, it is a bad omen. Some unpleasant news will shake your life. However, stay strong, so you will overcome everything quickly.

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Dream of warm rain – When you dream of warm rainwater, it is a sign to make the most of every moment. This is a message that your wishes will be fulfilled. Make your dreams come true and enjoy these victories.

Dreaming of cold rain – If in the dream the water is cold enough to be engraved in your mind, it is an indication that the things you want will come true, however, in a longer time than you would like. So be patient and know how to take advantage of them when they happen.

Dream about rain making noise on the roof – The dream has a special meaning for those who are in a relationship for two. For the lovebirds, great happiness is to come in your life. News and good things will surround you.

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