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Dream about cashew – yellow, ripe, rotten and their meanings.

The meaning of dreaming about cashews is usually very positive. demonstrate that you are close to achieving all your goals.

But calm down! Because in order to have a correct interpretation of dreams, it is necessary to have more details about it. So take a deep breath, control anxiety and read this article to the end.

We list some cashew dream situations for you to better understand what your subconscious wants to tell you or warn you. Surely you will identify with some scenario.

dream about cashew

The cashew dream demonstrates that you have the ability to improve yourself more and more. However, to take advantage of the opportunities, you need to leave the past behind.

Many people stop living the present and the future because they are stuck in the past.

What happened, happened. Goodbye! Focus only on what’s worth it and makes sense! The most important thing now is to look to the future and seek the right direction.

What will be the correct direction? It may be that some details of your dream reveal this. Let’s analyze situations that may have been experienced in the dream below.

Cashew dream interpretations

Dream about yellow cashew

If in your dream the cashew was yellow, this may indicate that what holds you back to the past was some missed opportunity, mainly related to money.

You probably missed an important opportunity in the past, but it still affects your life in a negative way today.

Leave the past behind and move forward. Start from scratch if you have to, but focus on the future. Try to review your attitudes so you don’t make the same mistakes and hit the next opportunities that will appear.

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Dream about red cashew

Dreaming of red cashews is more common for Northeasterners, as the fruit is most often found there.
In this region, cashew tends to be quite representative: it is sweet and pleasant. It is also considered an easily accessible fruit.

Thus, the fact that the cashew is red in a dream indicates a certain passion or the certainty of the ripening of the fruit, with all the consequences that this carries for its flavor and texture.

If you are the person who is eating or holding the red cashew during the dream, it is possible that this indicates your concern that other people are constantly deceiving you.

Dream about green cashew

Dreaming of green cashews could be your unconscious sending you a direct message: stop being thoughtless!

For that reason, you need to think more before making any decision or taking any action.

Don’t make decisions when you’re angry. Think calmly and be patient. That way, you will definitely make a better choice.

Dream about ripe cashew

This is a very positive dream, as it shows that you have made the right choices. It is the right time to look at your personality and seek to improve more and more towards your success.

You’ve probably been through very bad situations and you may go through worse ones. But you have to be very careful! Always take wise actions so that, in the future, you have a clear conscience.

Dream about cashews on the foot

The cashew on the foot shows that some opportunities are getting closer and closer to you. However, like most cashew dreams, this vision indicates that you need to pay close attention!

If you let this chance pass you by, it may take a while for a similar one to appear for you.

Dream about loaded cashew tree

Like most dreams of loaded trees, dreaming of loaded cashew trees is an excellent omen. This dream shows that good things will come to you quickly.

This is the right time for you to prepare for the best. The messages that the Universe will send you will be more and more positive.

Also, it’s the best time to learn to give thanks! Many things will come to you easily, so you need to be grateful!

It’s just this gratitude that will make all the difference, as it will show the Universe that you are prepared to receive the best.

Chances are your life will change from water to wine in no time. But take it easy! Take your time!

The most important thing is to try to understand that all this “harvest” will be a clear sign that you have deserved these advances.

Dream about poisoned or spoiled cashews

All dreams involving fruits that look delicious in a bad state of conservation or – even worse – poisoned, tend to be a warning about the risks of judging things by their appearance.

This dream could indicate a warning from the unconscious that you may need to be more careful with your decisions. Avoid attitudes that are based on obvious choices and appearances.

It is very common for people who feel that they are being deceived because of their naivety to have this type of dream.

Dream about cashew nuts

This type of dreaming wants to show you that it is impossible to please everyone. That is, even if your attitudes are good, there are great chances that some people do not understand your side.

It is also a strong indication that a baby may come and you should take advantage of this opportunity.

If you are still having doubts about your dream, also see the meaning of dream of fruits.

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