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Don’t accept anything. Someone will love you one day the way you deserve


You don’t deserve crumbs. Want it a lot and want it completely.

I don’t know about you, who is reading this text, but I love to eat, I’m the one who changes my mood when I’m hungry and who can never diet.

So maybe you, like me, should know what it’s like to be very hungry and someone offers you a salad, for example. That’s when you want to devour a pizza with a cheddar edge and, as a gift, a sweet pizza. You know that a fruit, a granola bar, or anything like that, will not satisfy you.

Likewise, this applies to love. Don’t accept a love in half, don’t accept crumbs.

I see a lot of people being content with little, thinking that it’s enough. How many unhappy people, in a relationship, for fear of being alone.

The first step to love is recognizing your needs and being aware that you don’t deserve less; The first step is to love yourself and understand what you want for your life. You don’t deserve someone who doesn’t care when you’re sick.


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Don’t accept less than you deserve

You don’t deserve someone who doesn’t call you to make sure you’re okay, even after you’ve said how bad your week is and how bad you’ve been lately. You don’t deserve someone who hides you, who doesn’t introduce you to their friends, and who doesn’t care when you say things aren’t right.

Don’t accept little, you know it won’t make you happy, you know what you want and what you deserve. Don’t accept excuses, for fear of being alone, or because you think that someone will never love you the way you deserve. You deserve a hug that is shelter, a love that is peace and someone who cares about your problems.

You can, yes, want someone who takes you home after a date, who tells you how good it was to be with you, and who, the next day, remembers everything and looks for you just to say he missed you.

You deserve someone who takes on you, who knows what he wants and how much he wants you. You deserve someone without fear, without fear of being happy and to embark on this journey of love together with you. Deep down, you know that calls, just to win a kiss, and that saying incessantly ‘I’m afraid of getting attached’ or “I’m afraid of falling in love”, is little, very little for your eagerness to love and be loved. .

You deserve someone who dances in the rain with you, who warms you in the winter, someone who loves without fear, someone resolved and willing to face the battles of this life by your side. Yes, someone who decides to be with you, when everything is going wrong, and who doesn’t abandon you at the first difficulty.

So don’t wait for someone to see your value, start this task for you, decide to see yourself with eyes of love and not pity and understand that you don’t deserve anything. You don’t deserve crumbs. Want it a lot and want it completely.

You don’t need someone to complete it, because there are no voids, no spaces for crumbs and uncertainties. You are already whole. Want someone to overflow you.

Thamilly Rosendo


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