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Does Taurus and Aquarius match work? In love, relationship and more!

Taurus and Aquarius are two signs that you certainly don’t think could be attracted to each other. That’s because the Taurus native has a more traditional approach to sex and relationships. They like old-fashioned romance and taking it slow, as well as being more comfortable when they stick to a routine.

On the other hand, Aquarius is the only and unconventional sign ruled by the element of Air. They are innovative, love to push boundaries, and are easily bored with relationships that become too predictable.

But despite these differences, Taurus and Aquarius can balance each other very well. See below how the zodiacal compatibility for these signs works.

Ever heard the saying “opposites attract”? This is basically what happens between Taurus and Aquarius. Both have completely opposite characteristics, but they can fit together very well.

They may seem to have few interests in common, but they share a very strong desire to succeed – which means they can make better business partners. In love, some positive trends can help you overcome your differences. Check out more details below.

As two fixed signs of the zodiac, Taurus and Aquarius have a basic understanding of each other’s approach to life. They also have similarities in the way they process and express their emotions.

As such, they can be emotionally stubborn, overly attached to what they feel, and slow to open up to others. Taurus is a very sensual sign that likes to be courted and seduced.

An air sign like Aquarius is less in tune with the physical world. For these natives, a pep talk that eventually turns into flirtation is what gets them in the mood. Here, the common point of the two is that the energy and vitality of Aquarius is similar to the affectionate and gentle side of Taurus.

Aquarius is the visionary and unstable one, while Taurus is a stable and constant lover. The indifference of an Aquarius is unpleasant for the Taurus. The latter values ​​a life that does not escape the conventional. Thus, the natives of these signs can have good chemistry, but it is not as easy as it seems.

Taurus prefers a safe and warm life, while Aquarius will often seek out new adventures. These are the bases of the confrontations that can occur between the two. Therefore, in addition to the differences, there are flaws in the views between the partners about a relationship.

Down-to-earth and practical means Taurus needs someone to balance these personalities. That’s where Aquarius comes in and shows Taurus that there’s more to life than living practically and day in and day out. There is always something new to try.

Given this premise, both signs can develop a great relationship in various areas of life, such as friendship and work. Check out more below!

Although Aquarius and Taurus are polar opposites, they will find themselves drawing to each other in their everyday lives. Taurus, being a fixed sign, devotes all its mind and energy to its routine work without trying anything new, which seems to be boring for Aquarius.

At the same time, on the other hand, the experimental behavior of Aquarius can excite Taurus. If they don’t know how to deal with it, however, these differences can make living together frustrating as well.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, symbol of love, while Aquarius is ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus, symbolizing karma and rebellion respectively.

Venus always seeks love, beauty, sensuality and physical pleasures, while Saturn pushes Aquarius towards hard work and the achievement of set goals.

Aquarius can never understand a Taurus obsession with true love, while Taurus is confused by the way Aquarius sees emotions as a sign of weakness. However, these different views can lead them to seek a deeper and lasting emotional connection.

Despite the challenges, Aquarius and Taurus get along very well at work, even better than other combinations, and have the potential for long-term harmony.

Taurus is good with practical matters, and that’s good for Aquarius, who struggles with earthly matters. However, Taurus may find Aquarius too idea-oriented and may be unnerved by the Air native’s eccentric thought patterns.

The Aquarius man, at the same time, will have to compromise and recognize his mistakes to make the relationship more reliable and secure for his Taurus partner.

To complement each other in intimacy, the relationship needs to combine the tender and gentle side of Taurus with the independent and adventurous side of Aquarius. Taurus wants security, while Aquarius is a native of freedom.

Thus, sexual compatibility only works when both show dedication and patience to make it progress. See how this pair relates in the loving sphere.

Kissing can be a pleasant and intimate experience for Taurus and Aquarius. They are very sociable and love to interact, talk about life and share their own experiences.

Although Taurus tends to stagnate from time to time, Aquarius steps in and encourages their partner to move forward, overcoming any shyness. So when they kiss, earth and air can make magic happen, as long as the two don’t put their different personalities above everything else.

Certainly, Aquarius is one of the most exciting lovers in the Zodiac. But in sex with the Taurus, he may be disappointed by the Taurus’ lack of open-mindedness or willingness to experiment. On the other hand, Taureans can provide a great emotional connection and demonstrate that they take sex as seriously as Aquarians.

In addition, in the Aquarius vision, the Taurus man is a partner that he can find, at times, too needy or clingy, and who will be too accommodating for his taste. But this can be one of the positive traits, which the Aquarius man will benefit from if he is more tolerant with his partner.

As a contact of the Earth and Air elements, Aquarius and Taurus can be so far apart that they can’t find anything to talk about.

This wouldn’t be a problem in itself, because if Taurus shows understanding of his partner’s need to dream, he can help him to materialize what he dreamed of. But, this does not happen often, as the Aquarius man rarely sees the Taurus native as a person with whom to talk and share his aspirations.

Curious and unpredictable Aquarius usually annoys gentle and peaceful Taurus when it comes to love or sex.

Most of the time they are not attracted to each other which makes them dull and lazy. That said, if Taureans can open the door to unusual encounters, they really can make this relationship blossom.

With regard to conquest, Taurus tends to open up after having full confidence in the partner’s reciprocity. In the case of Aquarius, conquest is something unpredictable and eccentric.

They might be deeply in love, but then, there might be arguments that won’t get resolved, as they won’t have the patience to seek a solution. In general, Aquarius and Taurus are open to conquest until they discover that they are not exactly made for each other unless both have enough flexibility and love.

As far as gender is concerned, Aquarius women are excellent problem solvers, while Taurus men are too stubborn to give up what they really want.

Learning to live with and love a sign that seems so clearly opposed to yours will take time, and it is not for those who want a simple and controlled relationship. These two stubborn signs bring great benefits to each other that can help balance out some of the more extreme traits they have. Check out!

The Aquarius man is very strong-willed, intelligent and compassionate by nature, while the Taurus woman is very down-to-earth and loving, as well as a little stubborn. In terms of friendship, they create a powerful bond as they share similar interests in life.

Furthermore, even as business partners, they share a mutual understanding and will make their work enjoyable. Furthermore, their bond as loving partners is also unique as they both understand each other’s true individuality.

The Aquarius woman belongs to a sign that leans even more towards intellectual pursuits and interactions when looking for a partner.

Compared to Taurus, who traditionally love romance and much more physical commitment, they can have a hard time finding a method of communicating attraction in a way that satisfies both.

The Taurus man will quickly reveal his typically beloved traits of dependability, dedication, hard work and taking the safety of himself and his loved ones seriously. However, these values ​​are simply not appreciated by the Aquarius woman, who values ​​freedom, emotion and independence above all else.

Aquarius is prone to self-examination and is not as interested in the physical side of the relationship as Taurus is. The Aquarius woman prefers intellectual communication, but the sensual Taurus woman will not be satisfied with this kind of love.

On the one hand, the Aquarius woman will find the Taurus woman too demanding. On the other hand, she likes to learn about everything and this can encourage her to get involved. Thus, the relationship between them may even be accidental, but if they know how to enjoy it, the union can be promising.

Aquarius is known as the sign of discoverers, inventors, adventurers and visionaries. Good-natured and cheerful by disposition, the Aquarius man tends to be committed and sees things through to the end.

At the other end, the Taurus man is well known for his practical approach, romantic traits and his appreciation for the finer things in life. The earth sign comes second in the zodiac chart, and because of this, Taurus is a hard worker and extremely determined individual.

Therefore, the relationship between them can work, because when they make a decision or a commitment, they tend to comply.

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