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Diva hair: how to make the hairstyle that will make you sexy and sophisticated

Anyone who follows national and international television, music and film awards knows how the hairstyles and hair of celebrities play an important role in the final result of a look.

Muses like Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez and also Victoria’s Secret angels like Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel always use this hairstyle to rock the red carpet.

And among the most diverse hairstyles of Hollywood divas, wavy hair and volume are the great highlights for this type of gala event. Framing the woman’s face, they give a luxurious look to the look and ensure harmony with the environment that calls for a lot of sophistication.

To achieve this beautiful result in hair, there are two important steps. The first is care. It is necessary to treat it and keep it healthy so that it has a beautiful shine and enviable appearance.

The second is to use hairstyles and tricks to achieve the glamorous wavy effect of celebrities. You can achieve this diva effect on your hair by going to a salon, but you can also try to do the hairstyle yourself at home.

According to top hairstylist Renan Dias, the first rule to follow is: feel like a diva. For him, the state of mind greatly influences the image that a woman passes. So no low self-esteem! He even points out that this hair style is recommended for all occasions. “It’s a very chic hair and super welcome with any look, for women who like to ‘divar’”.

Check out the hairdresser’s tips below and try this wonderful style!

4 expert tips for rocking diva hair

1. Hydrate. “Today it is very easy to have amazing hair, because everything is much more accessible. Hydrate the strands with specific products for your hair whenever possible or at least when necessary. That’s what every diva does” recommends the expert. If the hair is not well taken care of, the result will not be beautiful and the hair will not have the shine of Hollywood hairstyles.

2. Cut. Renan advises betting on a good cut. The correct cut, in addition to removing the damaged ends that can ruin the hairstyle, also helps to highlight the waves so that they appear. Straight cut hair does not look so voluminous and beautiful even with the diva style hairstyle.

3. Train. If you are going to do this hair at home, the ideal is to train beforehand. Don’t put off trying the hairstyle on the day you want to wear it for a special occasion. And don’t give up on the first try. Little by little you get the hang of it.

4. Invest. In order for your hair to look like an actress when you receive an Oscar, you need to invest in good products and good appliances. Not necessarily more expensive, but good quality. A good flat iron and strong hairspray can do a lot for your hairstyle.

How to make diva hair step by step

So that the hair takes the hairstyle well and does not fall apart quickly, follow the steps:

  1. Wash your hair well and apply conditioner only to the ends. Rinse well, as the traces of cream can affect the duration of the hairstyle. Hairstylist Renan Dias even recommends avoiding using the product on days when you decide to do the diva hairstyle;
  2. Apply a setting mousse while the hair is still wet. To detangle, use a wide-toothed comb or brush, but do it very carefully so as not to break the strands;
  3. If your hair is not straight, use a styling brush, leaving the roots smooth and the strands shiny. If it is smooth, just dry it normally with the dryer;
  4. Curl your hair using one of these techniques described below. “After making the waves, I recommend putting curlers or bobby pins, to guarantee the shape of the waves” concludes Renan. But be careful not to leave any hairpin marks or scrunch your hair when you put on one of the two accessories.

Check out the 3 options for making diva waves below. Remember that you can make the style neater, with neater waves, or messy, stirring and mixing the strands well with your fingers when finishing the hairstyle.

Babyliss without tweezers: in the following video, blogger Vivian from FabulousVi explains how she does the loose curls using a device similar to the babyliss, but which has a thin tip and does not have tweezers. The tutorial is easy to follow, but it must be done carefully so as not to burn yourself on the device.

No curling iron or flat iron: blogger Nati Nahas shows in the video how she does the glamorous waves without using a curling iron or flat iron, using only a sock. It gives you the option to do it with or without a hairdryer. Check out:

Waves with the flat iron: the vlogger Duda from Pretty Poison usually does the curls in her hair using a flat iron with a very easy technique to do at home. Check out her tips and try it on her hair. It’s one of the quickest methods to make diva hair:

Choose the technique you find easiest or try all three. The important thing is not to give up even if it seems very difficult. It’s normal to fail on the first few attempts, but with practice, you’ll find that the result will be exactly as you expect.

What products do you need to make diva hair?

The products depend a lot on the technique you are going to use. You will need a device such as a curling iron or flat iron, but it is worth remembering that there are also techniques to do without this type of resource. See in the gallery some suggestions to invest in your diva kit:

Get inspired: the wonderful hair of bloggers

See how you can wear this style with different looks and on different occasions:

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