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Discover the most popular Brazilian Superstitions – Blog

The best of Brazil is the Brazilian, right? When we say that, we think of the beaches, of the different musical styles… But there is something little mentioned that is present almost everywhere: the Brazilian superstitions! Whether it’s a simple belief like breaking a mirror gives you 7 years of bad luck or even scowling in the wind makes your face turn into an eternal grimace. What matters is that all of us, at some time in our lives, have heard about superstitions, right?

In addition to the little legends that we are familiar with, we also have the classic fables of Tupiniquim folklore: The Saci-pererê that jumps on one leg, the mermaid Iara that enchants everyone with her magical song, the pink dolphin and its unique and a lot more. In the end, all these creatures have their own characteristics and, of course, very peculiar. Despite being considered Brazilian superstitions, there are those who believe faithfully, especially in the luck and misfortune they can attract.

What are the best known Brazilian superstitions?

When pouring salt, throw more over your shoulders – They say that spilling salt is a sign of bad luck, bad things in your life. However, if you immediately throw some of it over your shoulder, you can reverse this negativity.

Go under the stairs – It’s bad luck, danger! But calm down, this is one of the oldest Brazilian superstitions. Passed down from generation to generation, there are those who avoid walking even near a ladder. And you, do you believe it?

Breaking a mirror causes 7 years of bad luck – Many people believe that after accidentally breaking a mirror, their love life will be ruined forever. It’s a legend! You can neutralize it with rituals to attract love or baths to strengthen your love life. Tip: remember that the main element is inside you. love!

Broom behind the door – Perhaps one of the best known among Brazilian superstitions, leaving this object behind a door can keep away boring and unwanted visitors. Here’s a tip!

Pepper and Saint George’s Sword for the Evil Eye – It is a fact that herbs and plants have a special place in many homes. This is no different with the pepper shaker and the sword of Saint George, which serve to ward off the evil eye and negative energies. How about having a seedling of them always at home?!

Red ear and ‘burning’ – As soon as we see someone with a red ear, we immediately say: “Someone must be talking badly about you”. There is no evidence for this myth, but surely you must have heard about this custom.

Itchy hand is money in your pocket – Who doesn’t rejoice a little when their hand is itchy and right after hearing someone say “it’s money approaching”? Have you ever thought, what all?! Enjoy the wave of luck.

four leaf clover – A sign of good luck and great benefits, the four-leaf clover fits perfectly into the Brazilian superstition category. This is because it is rare to find clovers with this characteristic. If you found it, keep yours!

The mango and milk mixture can kill – A historical myth. In fact, the combination of fruit and drink is super healthy. This belief has its origins in colonial times, where milk was considered “rare”. That is, only for those who could pay a lot for it. To avoid confusion, the “masters” told the slaves that the mixture of these two elements could lead to death. Bizarre, isn’t it?

In PMS you should not wash your hair – In the past, it was believed that washing your hair made PMS symptoms stronger. This made many women avoid even going near a shower. But many doctors and researchers have already disproved this belief. Have you ever thought about the oiliness of women’s hair at that time, in the summer?

Knock on wood 3 times – One of the oldest superstitions in the world! According to scholars, the tradition of beating wood 3 times refers to ancient peoples, such as the Egyptians and Celts, who beat wood to ward off negativity (shocked!). Although there is no relation between this gesture as a protective amulet, many people take it seriously…

The black cat (not) brings bad luck – Something extremely wrong, but unfortunately many people still believe, is that the black cat attracts bad luck. For this reason, let’s demystify this belief, since no animal can negatively influence our life. Look out for their good and help fight this misguided thinking, okay?

Grimacing in the wind makes your face crooked forever – Well, there is nothing scientifically proven. The best thing would be to always walk with a smile on your face, just in case 🙂

Flip-flops mean that the mother dies – Since childhood, it has been said: flipped flip-flops can hurt someone you love, especially your mother. Thus, everyone ran to ‘unturn’ the shoes. Have you done this?

Who plays with fire wets the bed – Surely, at some point in your life, you’ve heard from your grandmother, mother or aunt not to mess with fire or wet the bed at night. It’s better not to pay to see it, right?

There is no evidence for most Brazilian superstitions, but whoever believes faithfully swears that they exist. So, do you practice any of the aforementioned beliefs? Is there anything missing that you feel needs to be on the list? Tell us!

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