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Discover the meaning of wearing yellow in the new year

Whatever your religion or belief, it is very likely that you have already surrendered to some kind of tradition, ritual or superstition to attract good things and positive energies for the new year and the next cycle that is approaching.

Among these, wearing yellow in the New Year is certainly one of the most popular traditions in the world. Want to know all the details of this tradition? So check out below all the power of the color yellow and why you should wear this color in the new year.

What is the meaning of the color yellow?

Yellow is one of the most meaningful colors. It is the color of sunlight, serene and bright yellow, it is the main color of kindness, it is radiant like a big smile, as represented by the famous smiley face.

Yellow is also related to good energies, happiness and prosperity. This is because in the Celtic, Inca and Aztec cultures the color was already related to the Sun and was a symbol of its imposing presence and the idea that the Astro-King shines the way to abundance.

So now, let’s understand a little more about the influence of this color in the new year.

What does it mean to wear yellow the new year?

Since it is directly linked to the Sun, an element that represents eternity and the vital energy of the planet, wearing yellow in the new year is directly related to attracting positive energies, prosperity, vitality and well-being.

This hue also reflects energy, splendor and is also recognized as a symbol of youth and beauty. To wear yellow in the new year is to be open to this new cycle, the energy shift and the opportunity to leave all evils, discomforts, injustices and resentments behind.

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Everything changes with the color yellow, and for the better! Also know other positive aspects that wearing yellow in the new year can bring:

  • Intelligence;
  • Youth;
  • Friendship;
  • Beauty;
  • Optimism;
  • Brain stimulation;
  • Decision making;
  • Avoid emotional problems.

How to wear yellow in the new year?

If you are convinced to wear yellow in the new year and that this color will be your great ally for the coming year, then check out some tips to include this color in your look to attract a lot of positivity.

In clothes…

Source: Pinterest reproduction

In addition to striking, betting on a yellow look is synonymous with a lot of elegance, as long as it is well combined. Use the piece of that color as the protagonist in totally smooth pieces such as dresses, shirts or skirts combined with softer tones. To give a modern tone to the look, you can also match the color with floral pieces and dark blue, white or black stripes.

In underwear…

Tradition holds that wearing yellow panties in the new year attracts all your desires even more intensely. That’s because the good energies of color are even stronger with the piece intimately in contact with the body.

If you want to wear a white outfit, just wear beige panties over the yellow panties so you don’t show up. Another tip is to wear beige panties and tie a yellow ribbon on them.

In accessories…

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Larger or crossbody bags are a great excuse to include yellow as part of your look. You can also bet on earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets to give a touch of joy and optimism to the look.

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In shoes…

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Want to wear yellow in the new year in a super elegant way? Bet on shoes! In addition to being dynamic, this item complements the look quickly and amazingly without you having to worry too much about makeup or other very striking accessories.

In makeup…

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Despite being an unconventional color for makeup, yellow can give a super modern and cheerful touch to your look. Bet on yellow and gold eyeshadows and eyeliner to rock the new year.

On the nails…

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Want to add a fun touch to your New Year’s look, but without losing elegance? Match the yellow nails with your chosen style and outfit for the occasion. This touch is guaranteed success.

Now that you already know how to wear yellow in the new year to attract the best vibes, how about knowing other ways to start the year on the right foot? Check out other publications that may interest you:

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