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Discover the meaning of the Yellow Rose and gift your friends

Roses are popular because of their delicacy. Some time ago it became a symbol of affection and that’s why it’s used to give gifts to loved ones in the form of a declaration. It is important to know that each shade of this flower has a meaning. The red ones, for example, serve to demonstrate passion, while the white represents loyalty. There is another tone that is quite common, but not as mentioned as the previous ones. Meet now the yellow rose meaning and its importance.

Yellow is a warm color and evokes the feeling of joy, happiness and affection. So when we talk about the meaning of the yellow rose, we don’t go far from it. Like red and coral, yellow also represent love, respect and desire. However, there are different opinions about their interpretations, see below:

The meaning of the positive yellow rose

Happiness, money, satisfaction. For those who are less attached to depth and care only about colors, this is the best meaning of the yellow rose. It’s a good way to gift friends on a special date, such as birthdays, graduations and even weddings.

There are many stories around the world that give rise to the meaning of the yellow rose. In Greece, for example, she represented secrecy and mystery. This plant was placed at the doors of secret meetings so that they would not be interrupted. There was also the association with love, as the yellow rose was a gift from Aphrodite to Eros.

This is a plant much appreciated in many parts of the world and can also represent eternity in friendship. In addition to these meanings already mentioned, it is also associated with fresh start, friendship, joy and even relaxation in our lives.

The meaning of the negative yellow rose

When studying the meaning of the yellow rose more deeply, the interpretations are not as good as the previous ones. This plant can symbolize jealousy, distrust, infidelity and suspicion of something.

This negative focus came from an ancient story, which began with Mohammed. He asked the angel Gabriel to give him a sign of the unfaithfulness of one of his wives. So the angel sent yellow roses as a symbol of betrayal. Since then, this flower has been linked to negative and long avoided things.

For years, it was popular belief that if you offered a yellow rose to a teenager, it would be a sign of malice. Or, if a person offers it to someone who is not intimate, this can be understood as ulterior motives.

But despite all these negative views, over the centuries, the yellow rose meaning became more positive, beautiful and optimistic. This is because of the feeling that color brings to people who are exposed to them. So, if you want to give someone a gift wishing them happiness and wealth, and you believe in the energy of colors, this is a good option.

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