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Discover the meaning of dreaming about a doll – Blog

When we dream of something connected to childhood, we have a feeling of nostalgia and comfort. An example is when we dream of dolls and remember those good and nostalgic moments. However, for some people, this type of dream can turn into a terrible nightmare, awakening some old fear. Want to know the meaning of dream about doll? Keep reading.

Dreaming of a doll is usually linked to childishness or wealth, however, to better interpret this dream it is necessary to remember the details. Did the doll speak? Did you feel scared during this situation? This will help you to better decipher its meaning.

Meaning of dream about doll – Dream or nightmare?

Dream of seeing doll – Although it may seem strange, dreaming of a doll is linked to finances. Did you see any dolls during the dream? So rejoice, it bodes well for your financial life. However, if the mood was sad and melancholy, it may suggest a need for more attention.

Dream about scary doll – If in this dream the doll was ugly, scary or even attacked, beware. In addition to representing possible betrayals, it serves as a warning to fake people who intend to harm you in some way.

To dream that you are playing with a doll – It indicates a certain immaturity on your part. Perhaps you are acting childish within the relationship and haven’t realized it yet. Reflect a little on your actions, remember that stubbornness leads nowhere.

To dream that you buy or sell a doll – Ask for more caution with your financial life, try not to exaggerate spending. Also, dreaming that you are buying or selling a doll can be related to people you trust. Preserve your privacy more.

Dreaming of giving a doll as a gift – You may have recognition very soon for your actions. Whether at work or at home. The important thing is not to give in to difficulties and obstacles. Stay honest and fair.

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Dream about a porcelain doll – Because they are delicate and need more subtle handling, dreaming of this type of doll represents fragility in relationships. Maybe you feel insecure about your partner or unsure about the relationship.

Dream about a dollhouse – Although it seems like a strange dream, it symbolizes a personal desire to start a family and create new ideals. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and follow your dreams.

Dreaming of a store full of dolls – Are you one of those people who make friends easily? Yea? So think twice. In many situations we must preserve ourselves and reflect before acting. Be cautious with the people around you and be more discreet about your personal life.

To dream of owning many dolls – Beware of unnecessary expenses… Having a lot of dolls in a dream can suggest extra attention to your financial life. Set priorities before you go out and buy everything you see.

Dreaming of a talking or walking doll – Dolls that come to life while dreaming can be very scary, even one of the worst nightmares. Its meaning is related to envy or a deep desire to have something that someone else already has. Make your own way and don’t waste time looking around.

Another possible meaning is the need to change perspective. Knowing how to discern when we should change our opinion about something or someone makes us mature and evolve spiritually.

Dreaming of receiving a doll as a gift – Very soon you will be surprised with something you’ve wanted for a long time. Another possible meaning is the birth of a new member in the family. Exciting, isn’t it?!

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